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user image 2011-05-25
By: Joke
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Requiescat in pace, Diesel.

They just put her on the side of the road. She was so sweet and innocent and too young to die.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/28/11 04:42:05PM @soaring-eagle:
actualy sqw an add in the paoper "fox pups for pets or profit" i f=i9gured better a pet then profit but could only afford 1 the dude i got em from had a small house in the house had 4 deer 5 racoons 3 foxes ermings i forget what else outside had dozens of deer foxes coons ermings that were bred to sell was cute to see he deer eatting off the table

05/28/11 04:07:06PM @joke:

I studied animal care in high school, and in my training period I used to help in a shelter for wounded, wild animals. We once had a red fox but we couldn't save her anymore..

Parents.. My mother wouldn't let me keep my ferret in the house either but i did it anyway.

So you found her somewhere? She was so beautiful.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/27/11 12:00:32AM @soaring-eagle:

just 1 year raised her from a tiny thing that slept in the palm of my hand to full grown i took her to my parents for xmass they wouldnt let her in the house or even garage made me tie her outside she got off her leash and went off after a rabit, shed been seen months later with some red foxes (she was a silver fox) but then a few months later was when wed found her

05/25/11 01:04:07PM @joke:

Yes, our neighbors saw her lying on the other side of the street this morning. I never thought anything like this would happen here. This is a very safe and calm neighbourhood. I just wish the person who did this would have knocked on some door here, anyone could have told this was our cat.

Oh, I'm sorry, I can't understand why people would do such cruel things to an animal.. For how long did you have your fox?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/25/11 02:47:11AM @soaring-eagle:

weety hugs im so sorry i had a fox and someone hit her too and we foud her with her tail cut off wassuch a horrible thing i love animals your cat was special you know ..when someone passses they live on in those they touched shes a part of you and lives on in you


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