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I don't know

By Joke, 2011-06-19

This is not about dreads.

It's about this guy I know. We had a little something. He dumped his girlfriend. Or at least he said so. For some reason I didn't believe a word he said and I should have followed my intuition on this. Now, after he "dumped" her he said he didn't had time for a relationship and blabla, you know.. What they always say. But last week he said he maybe could give it a try. He didn't know. He was confused and some more blablabla. And today he says to me he is back together with is ex.

I don't know. For the last weeks I thought I didn't feel anything for him anymore but this sucks. So I deleted him out of my life. Something I should have done a long time ago.

And for some reason things like this always happen to me. I think I am just too naive. I like to see the good in every human being. Maybe that is wrong..

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By Joke, 2011-05-25

Requiescat in pace, Diesel.

They just put her on the side of the road. She was so sweet and innocent and too young to die.

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