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The journey begins AGAIN

user image 2010-06-08
By: Jo
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So lately, too much bad things were happening around me. I ended up getting frustrated with my developing locks and brushed them out (that took a couple days of combing btw) then I felt like I didnt belong here because I was dreadless. (Which I know isnt the case, but its hard to get over yourself sometimes lol) So I disappeared for a while.Also lately, I've realized that life is too short. I cant keep procrastinating things, because life doesnt wait. It will pass you by if you let it. And I definitely dont want life to pass me by. Lately I've felt like I've just been stuck in limbo. and it's time to get outta the rut and start living life to the fullest again. Which definitely includes a new set of dreads. I read a discussion on here. I forget who posted it. But it was all about parents pushing you to do what they want. And I can definitely relate. I always try and keep my parents happy, but no matter what I do, they arent happy anyways. So I'm living my life for me and my family (my husband and my daughter)As I was writting this my one year old just walked across the livingroom for the first time.I think I need to live my life more like a child or an animal. Living in the moment, not holding grudges and celebrating the small things.
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