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my journey.... (non hair related)

user image 2010-04-16
By: Jo
Posted in:
Wow, I have been away from this site for way to long.First off I would like to personally apologize to lonnie and roxanne, sorry it took so long guys.Secondly,Well I no longer have my dreads. All combed out. Back combing is lame. That's how I started mine before I found this place. I had some particularly stubborn dreads, I palm rolled them. Mostly just broke off a bunch of my hair. So I miss my hair but I think I will give it some time before I try again for dreads, and this time it most definitely will be au naturaleSome awful things have happened during my absence from here. Mostly just my poor Winston. (my dog) About 3 wks ago, he started not being him self. Not wanting to get up or play or anything. So naturally we took him to the vet the next day (after the weird behavior started) And Winston went to jump up on my lap in the car and then started screaming and writhing around on the ground. So I picked him up the best I could and we got him to the vet. Once we got there. He wouldnt move at all. He just sat and shook. The vet said that he had intervertabral disc disease. Which means that one of the discs in this spine had slipped and was compressing his spinal cord. Leaving him paralyzed in the hind quarters. The most awful thing about this, is that it was starting to happen before we went to the vet. Then once he jumped up into the car, that made it completely worse.So the vet says there is a surgery to fix him. But you will have to drive to toronto to an animal neurologist. And the ball park figure oin this surgery is $5000. So we got ahold of my parents because they are the only ones who might possibly have this kind of money to spend. Then the vet tells us the surgery isnt going to be 100% cure. The pain will definitely go away but he may not gain back any of his function. So unfortunately I made the decision to put him down and out of his misery. I dont know how many of you have lost a pet. But it is the most awful thing to happen to me in my whole life. Winston was only 6 years old. way to young to go. And he was most definitely my very best friend.oh life is cruel sometimes....Sorry about that huge post I really needed to get some of that out.
04/16/10 09:30:19PM @jo:
omg SE im so sorry to hear about your dog, that's just plain terrible. May the Goddess guide our puppies...It's definitly nice to be back, I kinda felt like an outsider without dreads, but I figure I have some knowledge to share about what not to do to your hair

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/16/10 02:56:10PM @soaring-eagle:
aww hugs im so sorry about winstoni had a dog killed on purpose on the same corner she tried saving a injured cat on just the week beforei understand how u feelas for the dreads i hope u do grow em soon and post your experiences and mistakes for others as glad youe back we missed u

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