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I'm new and saying hi and I need some serious prayers....

ॐJesse Rose~*☼
05/13/15 03:18:39AM

Hi everyone: I was a member of this site before and now I'm back, I've started dreads a few times and last time I took them out but I'm ready to get started again...I shoulda left my hair longer, but it was fried from a i got it cut and now I wish I hadn't..oh well, but I'm going to be getting some dreadlocks made from wool soon, and put them in my hair while it grows out.

So, here is my issue: I've been seperated from my estranged husband since August (we have been married one year in March) when I told him I am dreading my hair, he informed me today that he doesn't want me anymore.  When I first met him (he found me on facebook) I mentioned on there about being Rainbow Family and going to dread my hair, etc....I hid nothing...then I noticed when we were last lviing together he mentioned something about he was going to shave my head if I dreadlocked it...Needless to say, I don't care what he says, I want to have dreadlocks...well now he has discarded me....I guess I am a bit confused about all this, he says he loves me and he says he is a Christian, but he hasn't really been treating me all that well. Can you be praying for me please? This has been very hard on me...he got arrested back in August and basically I got thrown under the bus from him leaving and he left me in a bad spot and didn't help me get things done I needed done for winter, etc.

I kind of feel abandoned, and betrayed and there has been some other MAJOR issues going on with him (lying, women, etc) and I don't know how much more I can take of this....MY HAIR is actually the LEAST of his worries..he should be worried about HIS LIFE AND BEHAVIOR not my hair, he is 2000 miles away from me, for crying out loud.


Needless to say...I've been crying, but I cry any time I have any type of interaction with him, he either says things to hurt me or put me down.....I feel rather broken right now.


If I really loved someone I sure wouldnt be telling them how they could or couldn't wear their hari....that's for sure.


Well, take care, not sure if anyone is even here....





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