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my dreadful journey

By: jhialylman
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i wld like to share my dread journey.

i have tried everything, almost and am here to say that none of the methods or products were good for my dreads.

a friend backcombed my hair. not having any experience with this she back combed way too tight (from about 14" to 4") so what looked like dreads did not match the regrowth of that particular dread. so when the hair grew i had a fat dread on skinny regrowth. more on dealing with the breakages later by crotchet method ===== aaarrrgghhh

i believed hype about wax and knotty boy has a good website when u r researching these things. and the only shop in canberra where i live was an african hair salon and they only had knotty boy shampoo bar, conditioning spray and some other african hair conditioner. so i waxed dreads....over 2 years later the wax still works its way out of the dread and u can see white fluffy muck.. quite revolting,. i usually have to dismantle dread and remove wax. i have ordered some of this new wax off product and am going to try that to see how it works....

now as the dreads grew, as i said, the roots were thin compared to original backcombed portion, so i rubbed roots and palm rolled like mad. used loc peppa etc... i didnt think this helped much at all. so stopped using it.

then read about crotchet method of threading dread back thru root. i thought this might help make the dread tighter so i switched methods for 6 months and dread crotcheted. this is a radically different texture and look from normal dreads. like braiding...and dread got weak at the points where i changed method. the roots are tight with this method but it is bad bad bad. so now i have a section of dreads, the ones that survived...that is totally different from the rest of the dread.

then the word crotchet got me, and i read all the posts about repairing dreads with crotchet hook. i had so many thinned spots to fix. well the crotchet method i used is like felting. in and out in and out. from above weak spot and pull thickens up thin part but breaks hairs and ultimately weakens spot even more.

these days i try not to do anything much to them. i still repair breaking parts with crotchet hook only cos i dont want to lose dreads. i may cut them off short and let the natural growth rule. havent decided yet

the Barrellady
03/11/13 11:29:38PM @the-barrellady:

Felting, crochet hooks, wax, backcombing harshly, Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar, dismantling sections....This poor member had everything wrong done to help correct other wrongs. I wonder if she was able to save her dreads, as she has not been on in almost a year.

In the time she did all this damage, she would have had dreads had she gone natural. A lesson to learn for anyone thinking of doing any of the above.......DEATH OF DREADS

the Barrellady
02/14/13 12:35:57AM @the-barrellady:

Well hi there. Just read your "dreadful journey" posted almost a year ago. What has happened with your dreads during this past year? Was the crocheting repairable? Were you able to get out all the wax? Did you finally stop rubbing the roots? If you read this, it would be great if you could give an update so that others can learn from you. That's what its all about for us here, sharing the experiences and knowledge

I truly hope that however you have your hair now, you are happy with it. Cheers,

Star Gryphon
10/07/12 06:16:58AM @star-gryphon:

wow! I hope the past 6 months has brought some good changes to your ropes!

Tara C
03/19/12 09:16:19PM @tara-c:

Oh man, you did A LOT. But hey, better late than never, you know? Crocheting doesn't repair them though, they'll repair if you leave them alone. Maybe when you gain some length you can cut off the thicker part? But I don't really know how that works.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/12 09:11:27PM @soaring-eagle:

can u shorten the title a tad too? :)

03/19/12 09:11:07PM @jhialylman:

yes,,,,i have seen the light.,,,,,,,

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/12 09:09:39PM @soaring-eagle:

just stop it all throw the hook away your still weakening them

you never had to backcomb u never had to wax rub crochet interlock any of that

in fact

the only thing you ever should have done was stop combing

they dread themselves


stop doing anything..leave em alone to dread and recover from everything u already did

and get the wax out

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