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Jessica Quick


Location: Douglas, WY
Zipcode: 82633
Country: US


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user image 2012-03-19
By: Jessica Quick
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Been poking around the site for about a week now, and figured I'd join. I haven't started my dreads yet but I'm SO excited to start!

My name is Jessica and I'm from the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. <3

Jessica Quick
03/19/12 02:30:25PM @jessica-quick:

I try to be an adult as little as I possibly can, but gotta pay these stupid bills somehow. Fortunately I have a job where I can dink around and still act like a child. =]

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/12 02:29:16PM @soaring-eagle:

oh nooo never be an adult! adults forget how to play

Jessica Quick
03/19/12 02:20:30PM @jessica-quick:

That would be an absolutely magnificent start. Unfortunately, I gotta be an adult and go to work and pay bills. :p Maybe I'll take a long weekend and do a little get away.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/12 01:29:19AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome wyoming isnt the mis=ddle of nowhere it is nowhere the middle of wyoming is the middle of nowhere haga

but so beautiful are u starting your dread journey/

i sugget yu go out to medicine bow national forrest (that is the name right?) out by steamboat springs out where the national gathering wass was it 3 or 4 years back spend about 3 weeks out there (the stream yiud swim in tho will make u numb in seconds even in mid july but i dont gotta tell u that it snows there then)

just leave your comb and mirror behind..become wild.. feral.. talk ti the trees.. wear ferns and moss.. and maybe mud.. and you'll be a dready goddess in no time

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