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Jessica Quick


Location: Douglas, WY
Zipcode: 82633
Country: US


Blogs: 3

I think I'm ready!

By Jessica Quick, 2012-10-14

Well... kind of. It's been a while since I've logged in, I apologize! I'm getting antsy and I think I'm ready to start cultivating my very own beautiful, little dreadies. I was wondering what the best way to prepare my hair for dreading was what should I start washing it with (instead of shampoo & conditioner), those kind of things. Appreciate the feedback!

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Newbie here..

By Jessica Quick, 2012-03-19

Not really sure where to post this question, so here it is.

Currently, my hair is pretty fried--bleached a few times and dyed Lord knows how many. I've always had pretty oily hair, having to wash everyday. I was just wondering what things I could do to help prepare my hair and scalp for dreading.

Thanks so much! <3

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By Jessica Quick, 2012-03-19

Been poking around the site for about a week now, and figured I'd join. I haven't started my dreads yet but I'm SO excited to start!

My name is Jessica and I'm from the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. <3

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