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Jessica Arnold


Location: Sacramento, CA
Zipcode: 95815
Country: US


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almost 6 mo.
Me and Steve :)
Me and Bean :)
4 months.
Creek :D
Flick my bic
From the back
Two months!


Hannah D
08/16/10 11:17:52PM @hannah-d:
lolwell why thannk you for the pic comment, and i wish that was a tattoo it was just a drawing i did out of boredom, loli thought i had left a footnote sayin it was a

08/02/10 05:59:18PM @atom:
indeed.. zepplin is a must. if u like rap n reggae ud prolly like shark attack.. check out the album "fish" on itunes. like tracks 2,3,4,5,6,n 8 r pretty hot. i use to jam em alot. u ever hearda slightly stoopid or mystic roots?

07/30/10 06:22:26PM @atom:
Oh gosh.. I seriously loove everything if it's good, ya kno. I prolly listen to oldies the most. Favorite bands the beach boys but I can jam old country and new, rock, rap, gospel, reggae, punk.. I really could go on forever! Good music is good music regardless of the genre. I'm seriously stumped by that question lol. There's some songs n each genre that are equal in their goodness. Ha.. What would be your favorite?

07/26/10 07:08:46PM @atom:
Just checked out the Celtic music YouTube style n it's legit. I'm all mellowed out now.. Lol good stuff :)

07/23/10 10:55:59PM @atom:
I loove ur dread pic, the bak view of em.. Somethin bout it. Look great. How longs 0 years? N what's Celtic music? :)

Shayna Jackson
07/08/10 11:23:53AM @shayna-jackson:
ha ha it cool man! i do too! so hows cali?

Jack Roth
07/05/10 05:43:28AM @jack-roth:
U should do i t just come on holiday here or something well my maiun influense was music, when i was 15 years old i smoked ajoint for the first time and listened to reggae music and ever since then its been a love affair. And i absolutly love dreadlocks so much, i just love everything about them really lol :p oh and im in a ska band :) What were your influences for growing dreads ?

07/01/10 08:07:01PM @pixie:
Thank you hunie for the pic comments! :)

Jack Roth
07/01/10 06:24:26AM @jack-roth:
lol:p u could play with my dreads all day if u wanted haha but yeah england not a bad place got some nice people, friendly pubs, good atmosphere but i think id be to busy checking your dreads out !

Jack Roth
06/30/10 04:46:37AM @jack-roth:
Nah i wont trade you but u can just come here :) ill show u around lol ud love it

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