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Essential oils

user image 2012-09-16
By: jesse demato
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Hey everyone. Before anything, I have to say this site is the best. From the creator SE to all the great people on it. I am about two weeks in going the natural method. I know I have a while to go but My question is could someone post a good ratio for lavender tea tree and others? Some of these are expensive and I dont want to waste it by using too much or too little.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/16/12 11:32:29PM @soaring-eagle:

u dont need alot and they last a long time so id use less teatree then the rest only cause it can overdry your scalp if over used

pepermint can be very strong and intense a s well so might go easy on that as well

in a gallon i use 10-30 drops for a strong batch for a few cup wash 2-5 drops is all u need

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