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dreadlocks shampoo
Jesse Davis


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dear dread brothers and sisters

By: Jesse Davis
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okay before i discovered this site i had already done the back comb method however i have alot of lose hair and their not all section even or anything and i love the idea of the natural method i have not used any product at all.

soooo my question is: is there still hope should i just leave em alone and let them do their own thing or what?

i need advice PLEASE!!!

Jesse Davis
03/18/11 09:39:48AM @jesse-davis:
they not unraveling though. getting tighter in fact

Jesse Davis
03/17/11 01:10:16PM @jesse-davis:
i just wash my hair with baking soda seal salt and tea tree oil. ive had mine 4 weeks on friday...and their not unraveling getting tighter actually.

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