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Jesse Davis


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By Jesse Davis, 2011-05-24
Okay ive been paying attention to the confrontations between SE and Johnny. and weather johnny or SE is right the way the conversations are going im not likeing. SE. in the site rules the first paragraph says quote "

"Here at we try and create a fun, non-hostile environment for all, this means at least to accept others opinions and ideas even if you dont agree with them and if you cant agree at least be able to kindly express your opinion as to why you dont." reading the debates ect SE your not following the rules.

Lets try being nicer to johnny we may not agree with him. and if were ever going to get him to go natural yelling at him isnt going tohelp.

i mean no conflict just tired of war which is what alot of people on this site swear to oppose and all they(we) want is peace. so lets be nicer to him hesa person just like us.

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how long?

By Jesse Davis, 2011-05-09

when i dreaded my hair it was in a different style and of course i started with the backcomb method. i have some hairs on the very back of my head about 4 inches long. and im letting them go the natural way. are they long enough to start dreading?

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help pwease

By Jesse Davis, 2011-05-09

i started with the back comb method with no wax cause i didnt know of this site. but i have a couple of dreads were alot of lose hair is supposed to be in the dread right above it. how do i get the hair in to the dread it belongs. its to much to dreadball i believe. any suggestions?

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By Jesse Davis, 2011-03-23
what is a natural lock accelerator? any body know?
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dear dread brothers and sisters

By Jesse Davis, 2011-03-15

okay before i discovered this site i had already done the back comb method however i have alot of lose hair and their not all section even or anything and i love the idea of the natural method i have not used any product at all.

soooo my question is: is there still hope should i just leave em alone and let them do their own thing or what?

i need advice PLEASE!!!

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By Jesse Davis, 2011-03-10

im a skater and i skate every day and i get REALLY sweaty at times. what does sweat do to dreads ?

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one side locking faster than the other?

By Jesse Davis, 2011-03-03
the left side of my head is locking up real fast becoming real firm and my right side is dreading but not near as firm. is there anyway i can catch my right side up to the left?
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