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user image 2012-07-07
By: Jess H
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After WEEKS of researching, watching dread videos, looking at dreadlock products and trying different methods, I've finally started my dreads.

They're a little thicker than I wanted, but I eventually want extensions and it's taking forever to do them anyway. Damn, I've lost quite a bit of length from backcombing.

I've crotched the bottoms, which was probably a bad idea, but since my hair is ridiculously manageable it'll probably help stop them falling out.

My partner wasn't happy about me getting them -with the oldargumentthat dreads are for black people- but through compromise *cough*femalemanipulation*cough* she came round and even sectioned some of my hair for me. :D

Unfortunately, now I've got half a head of fuzzy dreadlocks and my mum's coming over in a couple of hours. Wont she be surprised.


Where's my hat?

Jess H
07/15/12 08:42:05AM @jess-h:

My mind is officially blown.

My dad actually LIKES the dreads. He's not the most open-minded person when it comes to stuff like this, but... just wow.

I barely expected toleration, but LIKE??

Well, that's one problem out of the way. :D :D :D

07/09/12 11:15:37AM @naddy:
How are you doing the extenders? Try google how to sow them on to the ends instead of using the crochet hook. Good luck on your dread journey

07/07/12 10:44:55AM @ixchel:

so what were you supposed to do after the 3 months was up? come get them redone? or worse?

awesome you avoided that....

backcomb & crochet are very damaging but just don't mess with the hook again & give em love, time & washing & they should start looking pretty good!

Jess H
07/07/12 10:21:48AM @jess-h:

Oh, and I'm SO glad I didn't go to a hairdresser for them. A woman I spoke to had them done, and she said they used wax (alarm bells ringing at that moment), and they lasted about 3 months.

3 MONTHS?! They've supposed to last forever!!

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