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Life, Dreads, and Peace Sign History.

By: Jeremy Tyler Roscher
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Hello everyone, I'm just a simple guy, living a simple, hippie lifestyle. I have a job, and I have a home and a car. I have started to realize what life is about. Life is about living. (as simple as i could put it. but let me get deeper) Life is something you can't really rush. It rushes itself already... But we have to learn to live without luxury, enjoy the little things. Sit outside and breathe the fresh air watch the clouds and just become one with mother nature. And same with our hair mother nature knew what she was doing when man was created. So dreads are natural. it's what our mother nature would want us to do. thats how she planned it. But now we have all these chemicals that are supposed to make us live longer and make us more healthy... POPPY COCK thats what that is. Mother nature knows what she is doing and if she decides to take a life early or late that is her choice and although it may not seem fair we can't really do anything about it. We have to accept that we are minor tiny little things on this earth and there is something much bigger than us. So you have to live life to the fullest and just be happy. Don't let things drag you down. always put a smile on your face and it will never steer you wrong. i promise noone wants to be around a sour puss. So in the words of the infamous bob marley "Don't worry, be happy"... And I know now adays that is really cliche but not if its (like me) something you live by. Some people these days mostly young teens think its cool to wear a peace sign. its the fad but they don't know where the peace sign derived. It derived from flag signals back in the war of vietnam it was a combination of N and D which meant "Nuclear Disarmament" which where the mans arms which was holding the flag for the N would look like this
/ \ and the for the D this I I So thats where the peace sign came from and the hippies used it cause they were against the war so therefore "nuclear disarmament" was a good thing to state that. But now onto dreads. I am currently starting my dreads. and people ask me "why are you doing dreads they are dirty etc. etc. etc. and i always tell them no they are not. do your research. Plus why would mother nature make something natural that would hurt us? she wouldnt... so there yah go. But i feel its a way of me saying that i am open minded and obviously one with mother earth. and when i go out in public people think i look crazy. but you know if everyone followed mother nature we all would look the same C: and noone would worry. and that leads me to another thing.. marijuana. I don't understand why it is illegal... It makes people happy. why illegalize something that makes people happy??? If the they let it be legal the gov. could tax it and make money? and it would make more jobs? so i dont know why its illegal but it doesnt stop me C: But i think i have ranted enough for now so i will be back later with another blog... so for now
PeAcE LoVe and HaRmOnY
~Jeremy LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Cameron Zion
09/02/11 04:54:21PM @cameron-zion:

Not that it really matters because the message is still there. But "Don't Worry, Be Happy" was a Bobby McFerrin song. Just thought the credit should go to the right man haha. But letting go of control is easy, because you never have it in the first place :) Jah Bless!

Amy Lanning
01/29/11 01:12:15AM @amy-lanning:
neat,thanks for sharing, you guys! :o )

Jeremy Tyler Roscher
01/27/11 02:53:44PM @jeremy-tyler-roscher:
I did not know about the pagan symbol i have heard about the upside down broken cross but i feel the N and D theory is more believable. And on pot I would want it to be legalized so that i would pay tax but yes it would be A LOT cheaper! and i wouldnt have to be scared of getting busted by the jumbled of mess of a government we have. But i'm joined with the PFP (Peace and Freedom Party) Who elect and vote for Ralph Nader who wishes to legalize pot C: Thanks for the comment soaringeagle you are a great inspiration for me C:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/27/11 02:46:00PM @soaring-eagle:

well the nd theorie is 1 proffessors idea of where the peace sign came from but in reality its the inverted broken cross an ancient symbol turned upside down

it originaly was a pagan symbol i think or jnostic the /|\ part used to go up \|/

also one of our memberes a young girl in cali who grows pot ..voted no on the legalization ..why cause she didnt want to pay taxes on it (not realizing the price would drop drasticly) and cause she never was arrested fely it was irrelevant if it was legal or not (even tho hundreds of thousands sit in jail..innocent victims)

so it seems even some ppl who should want it legal the most voted against it to prevent government they dont alrewady control it by destroying crops and jailing innocent smokers..

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