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Jeremy Boone


Location: Angie, LA
Zipcode: 70426
Country: US


Blogs: 2
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Rat nest lol

By Jeremy Boone, 2011-10-27
Well after four days my tnr dreads are going crazy lol some are locking up nicely others have completly fell apart also stray hairs everywhere but I have decided to let it go and let nature take over should work out lol.
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In the beginning.......

By Jeremy Boone, 2011-10-23
So I have had my babies one day and I must say I love them! I have even named some of the odd balls lol. My wife who absolutly hated the idea is acctually starting to like them know too. Plus my 5yr stepson thinks they are awesome, of course since I live in a pretty much redneck area I have caught some stars and comments, but most are used to me looking "strange" anyway lol. By the way if anyone reads this I don't have pc just a iPhone and I can't figure out how to post pics.
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