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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Louisville, KY
Zipcode: 40291
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/10/11 09:39:13PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how are you thinking of starting?

slade leman
10/13/10 02:05:14PM @anthony-richardson:
Ha-Ha!! That's great - if you don't mind being compared to Angelina Jolie (I know I wouldn't!!!) Apparently you husband has decided he likes them! My husband still thinks mine just look like a big 'ole mess, but he loves me anyway!!! LOL!!

slade leman
10/10/10 07:07:35PM @anthony-richardson:
Yeah - I am still adjusting to some of the looks I get with my hair too. I work for a congressman's elderly parents who run a local foundation. Very conservative family. I can just imagine what they have been privately thinking about my hair!! LOL! You should post a new picture with all of your dreads! I would love to see how they look now! Especially since you "gasp" backcombed!!! If they end up looking anything like hippie mama's dreads you should flaunt those babies everywhere! I swear she has awesome locks!

slade leman
10/09/10 07:51:43PM @anthony-richardson:
Hey! Glad things are looking up for you!!! Hope the job leads to cool things!! We are doing good here. Getting ready for winter and trying to get my little guy adjusted to his first year of "real" school. Still fightin' the dreads but they are coming along slowly. How 'bout yours????

09/23/10 12:40:17AM @jameela-bailey:
hey i waqnted to tell you last time i saw you that your dreads are looking really good. and btw thank you so much for being a great friend and being there when i was to weak to tell you that i needed you . you read me and came out without me even asking. you truly are a great friend and my best friend. ive never been around someone that can read me like you do dude. your awesome and i love you just like the sister i wish i had.

slade leman
09/15/10 03:48:50PM @anthony-richardson:
Hey! How have you been? Haven't seen you online much (me either - kids back to school- busy stuff). How is the job hunt and life in general?

08/19/10 12:28:02AM @jameela-bailey:
hey you how ya been? long time no talk. we both been busy we definately need to make sure to make time to keep in touch. ur friendship is important to me. i just wanted to let you know i didnt forget about you. i jus been busy with work and now finding a car before this weekend really cuz i need it in my name and tommorow john goes to the dr for that mileogram thing. geeze o weez. so hows it lookin for sunday. i dont work till like 6. so if u aint busy i can make time.but i know u have those game night things

07/08/10 07:00:18PM @jameela-bailey:
hey woman. how ya doin? . love and hugs your way from gauger and i. and as far as john hes doing pretty good.

07/06/10 04:35:13PM @jameela-bailey:
for you

slade leman
06/11/10 06:32:45PM @anthony-richardson:

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