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dreadlocks shampoo
jedediah ryan smith


Location: Ellettsville, IN
Zipcode: 47429
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/03/12 12:05:51PM @soaring-eagle:

how did your freind "fix" them? and never twist dreads! also dreads dont need fixing they need to be left alone to dread

Molly Browder
06/06/11 02:26:06PM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:
im pretty sure its ok for dreads, i find after dying my hair my dreads toughen up abit, but you have to use about 3 bottles and have to amke sure you rinse it for ages to get the dye out the middle

Molly Browder
05/02/11 05:34:15PM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:
i have no idea what veg they use, as they have some amazing colours. have you heard of manic panic dyes? i say vegtable dye becuase its 100%vegan it may not even bevegetableslol i know manic panic use herbs and maybe veg they have some amazing colours. i'm goign to try sea salt next time i wash my dreads

Molly Browder
05/01/11 02:01:30PM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:

oh wow, that sounds pretty cool.

and crunchy lemon hairbrilliant! i think the veg dyes work as more of a stain then a dye

Molly Browder
04/29/11 02:53:56PM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:
im not queit sure how they work, but they are only semi permanent,. lemon juice? how does it work? do you use fresh or buy the bottles? congratulations on the job! what is it doing? x

Molly Browder
04/27/11 11:07:30AM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:
i'll get some pics soon so you can have a gander, and i dont know if this is solid fact but dying mine seems to have made them tighten up nicely, but i think i may of damaged my hair a fair bit as i have dyed it way to much......back to vegetable dyes i think. my week has been good so far, funny tiems at work and more work on my half sleeve :-) xx

Molly Browder
04/26/11 06:04:20AM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:
thank you very much, not that colour any more though they are a bright red!. yours look really good. hope your having a good week so far

Molly Browder
04/24/11 01:09:19PM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:
hello thank you for the add

Lizzie Meyer
04/05/11 12:55:42PM @robert-junior:
welcome sister! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/11/11 01:59:01PM @soaring-eagle:
neitherhaha u put like a spoonfull in a cup make a weak soak pour ion let soak 10 min search the site for super clean

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