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ღHippie Loveღ
02/14/13 09:43:35PM @hippie-love:

Welcome and Happy Dreading.

Always, Hippie Love

Baba Fats
02/14/13 07:17:35AM @baba-fats:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/13/13 07:26:14PM @soaring-eagle:


hope u only backcombed and never used wax or crochet

03/11/13 01:54:04PM @stigandi:


Thanks for your commentary. :) So far, I don't have any bees. I am planning on trying to catch some feral bees when I get my hives set up. Most beekeepers around here import their bees from down south and a lot of them don't survive Michigan winters, so I'd like some wild ones who are acclimated to the winters here. I see you play the native American flute? I keep dreaming about playing one. I think they are so beautiful and very meditative. Where did you get yours? Also, check out the site Nature's Pilgrim. I heard about it through people here on this site. The guy who does it is a fruitarian raw vegan and he has written a bunch of interesting books and articles about the philosophy of his diet and sustainable living. And lastly, how are your dreads? Any knots yet? Those first weeks and months were the most exciting! :) Namaste.


02/26/13 09:13:33PM @tony2:

Welcome and Happy Dreading.

Always, Hippie Love

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
02/26/13 02:13:55PM @tyler-chidester:

We must first love our-self in order to love others. You are on the good path in life. May your dread journey enlighten you even further on your path to recovery. Peace Brother

02/26/13 01:56:58PM @darkstar:
Welcome. It seems like you've had it rough. Good luck with changing your life around. It sounds like you're on the right path now.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/13 11:47:05AM @soaring-eagle:


i totaly understand where your coming from

wyatt walker
02/26/13 11:30:47AM @wyatt-walker:

thanks:) u as well my friend, and no problem:) just being me

wyatt walker
02/26/13 11:10:56AM @wyatt-walker:

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