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Happy dreads

user image 2012-08-03
By: JD Nafziger
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I don't think I have ever posted a blog post in there but I thought I would give a written update to tell some of my story. I started out RnT then decided to go to neglect after a few weeks of attempting to crochet them for neatness. Now just past 1 year of going all natural I am loving my dreads. I worried about the RnT stuff coming out and then later I worried because nearly all of it fell out of some locks. I had long ends at the time and it worried me, some of them today are still long and curl, some are rather short, and some dread all the way to the end. Everything seems much better now that I have settled into the natural process.

So, after a year of going natural my roots grew into beautiful dreadlocks and the RnT part now looks like ugly ends on some of them, but I love it anyway because it just shows how much more beautiful it is when it is all natural. I even have a distinct line in many of the dreads where it was RnT and when it started growing all natural.

JD Nafziger
09/15/12 11:12:40PM @jd-nafziger:
Here are some of my earliest pic's I think the one with hair sticking up was within the first week. If those links don't work just look on my profile I just uploaded three of them.

Alexandro Colon
09/15/12 03:37:13PM @alexandro-colon:

can you post a pic of when you first started please thanks

Alexandro Colon
09/15/12 03:33:20PM @alexandro-colon:

very inspiring

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/04/12 01:41:22AM @soaring-eagle:

its tru ppl worry so much when they make dreads but when u just accept the natural process theres no worry no stress just acceptence and a relaxing sense that its all just happening as it should

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