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Location: Dalton, GA
Zipcode: 30721
Country: US


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Skye Taylor
09/02/10 06:18:10PM @skye-taylor:
Yep! i live near midtown, i go to grady! thats awesome!where you at now?

02/24/10 11:18:15PM @illumiknotty:
Interesting analogy. R thomas is around peachtree and 25th street, like right around ther

02/24/10 05:18:01PM @illumiknotty:
hell yeh its definitely a tradition for my rave crew to go after the rave to R Tomas cuz its so trippyand its 24 hourall nighter + Trippy decco + live parrots who can beat that + great food

02/23/10 12:32:38PM @illumiknotty:
yeah i love vegan / veggetarian / organic-oriented should check out R Thomas if you go out to eat its great

Mary Vee
02/23/10 12:04:15PM @mary-vee:
Haha, I know the feeling. :)

02/17/10 10:55:26AM @illumiknotty:
yup i live in midtownwhat do you do for fun in atl?

01/10/10 06:34:54PM @jessica:
I am very good! Life is great:) How are you?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/10/10 12:49:13AM @soaring-eagle:
haha yea someone poointed tat out months ago

Lonnie Berg
01/07/10 10:06:28AM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings My Brother, we're glad your journey has brought you here, Peace and Blessings to You and Yours, namaste'

01/07/10 05:29:33AM @amorousandrew:
Hey friend, was gonna say we have many answers to unasked questions... I c your already aware of that thanks to SE haha. You'll find much support here friend, look forward to c'in you around. bye

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