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Location: Janesville, WI
Zipcode: 53546
Country: US


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Janesvilles you tube and Wi stuff

By jazzymomma, 2013-01-11

our circut where teens an some adults hang and race

this is janesville wi Peace Park:) inside this tpee is native scences an dream catcher with feathers at top also has few totems and a large globe u can walk on

this is my high school i went too Parker

this factory is on rock river janesville wi

this is my home WI i live in Janesville General Motors factory shut down employed many and provided for many families and local community help programs for single parent families food shortage programs toys for tots local domestic violence shelter and homeless shelter donations as well. many forced to retired or forfeit their 401k plans. no permitted access to the property and surrounding grounds. but for some reason the bar an grill operating on their property parking lot, still up an running access is permitted. many of which worked there went o drink beer and eat on their lunch breaks! i didn't agree with this luxury an shear stupidity. they are building transportation vehicles! shouldn't their be ordinances and regulations against having a bar in their parking lot! there's many laws against drunk drivers, wat about drunk assemblers of our cars!! well they are shut down now! just saying. my stepfather was a 30yr employee much of his employment there he was an alcoholic! and always brought home lunch box full of beer cans!! as many others and even drove drinking one home from work! he talked of workers an friends drinking beer on job! WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS! men stupid alcoholics! these ones lol

Janesville railroad/train engine

black earth WI Institue

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Snow storms!welcome to WI

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-20

This is a picture of my car! today at 2pm or so! December 19th 2012

practically first snow of the year! crazy wind of 26 MPH and temperature of 34 at the moment suposed to drop in early 20;s ranges next following days! 93%humidity, yuck. my VW Passat isnt going to even make it out the end of the driveway lol damn good thing we keep a good amount of food int he pantry.:) i tried to get the snow off my car to try an drive it and as soon as i finished, i had thought! i already had to get snow off all over again! grr

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homemade stressball recipe

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

youll need: 1 bag flour, a package of balloons, a spoon, a funnel and ur hands lol

you might need to gently work the flour down ward to make sure to work in down to the rest of the balloon

then keep repeating that step, may get plugged up, just work in down again with ur hands

u can keep filling it as big as u want to, to allow more room for flour take funnel off and hold stem push in straight down swishing balloon flatter this will give it a weird shape and allow for more filling

good luck making your own

you can decorate it with permanent makers, or stuff it in a clean colorful lost other match sock lol

hey gives u a new use for it lol

if u hav any questions or wanna share ur creation feel free

most important happi de-stressing! peace

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Fellow dredheads i need your votes!

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

vote by simply adding comments with what vote you decide on. thanks so much! i am making my second batch of Dredlock Jewels!so voting choices are:more metal? or more beads?/ second vote: bright beads do u like better? or neutral earth tone beads? refer to the pics below.include thoughts and opinions thanks!

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Poor innocent children brutally murdered

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16 http%3A//

poor sweet innocent beautiful lil children say a few prayers or meditate for them, whatever you believe in send them your love and sympathy. and may each an every child lost find its way! may their be justice found for every child's family. peace b with u my 6yr old daughter made this card for them aww h u all.

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my hardest choice i made

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

hi i am writing about my new lil baby dred and its birth story ha. so i had a dred that was like suposed to be two dreds and the fused together. but the roots were all seperate and in two formed peices i had to decide weather to leave it huge and watch it grow out to figure out wat would become of it. it was already tight and locked so to separate it back to two somehow wasnt an option really. well it was down to ripping or actually had to cut. so i couldn't rip or snip it apart cuz already made itself into one dred so i cut the dred root sort of in half an let it be one bigger dred and now the other lil section. is a brand new baby one. that will need some monitoring sd id grows because i want it to be its own dred not congo again. so my dred count is at 20. but now its going up to 21 aww. they often count down a few not up. lol well its my llil one. lol let me know wat i think or advice or ur story.

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thank god

By jazzymomma, 2012-11-19

dumbass hacker! he thinks his smarts of hacking impresses others well in only amuses himself, sick. selfish jerk. well glad this sit was savd anywys :)

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