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Healing benefits of mushrooms

By: jazzymomma
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The Healing Benefits of Mushrooms

Chaga-(Inonutus obliquus)

grows on white birch trees, that burnt black looking areas we have all saw once or twice.

medicinal uses for many things in folk medicines an currently.

uses in folklore: liver health an cancers, heart aliments, stomach diseases, intestinal worms,

current uses: antibacterial property's, anti inflammatory,anti tumor, antioxidant,

in Russia used in teas for hundreds of years as a method to treat cancers.


used in Chinese medicines a tonic used broadly. in China is considered precious for healing.

immune boosting properties,anti tumor, anti inflammatory, anti cancer, anti aging effects.

Maitake-(grifola frondosa)

also called the hen of the woods.

considered a highly medicinal mushroom an can grow to be very large as heavy as 15 pounds. many promising studies been conducted in use of this mushroom.

uses include: infection fighting properties, long term immunity strength, extracts been used i cancer treatments, compound present in this mushroom called D fraction; shows anti tumor and breast cancer cell reduction, used in treating type 2 diabetes mellitus, reduced cholesterol levels, significant body weight.

Reishi-(granoderma tsugae)

this pic variety is Red Reishi

this pic is a common look of Reishi also

Used as an amazing immunity enhancer, this mushroom is a historical and ancient part of Chinese medicine. containing many vitamins not limited to these: zinc, copper, selenium, iron, amino acids and polysaccharides, peptides, proteins an minerals.

recent scientific studies show; useful for certain caners including aggressive types of breast cancers. uses include: treating hypertension, arthritis, insomnia, bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, asthma, diabetes, treating anorexia.

next info on these mushrooms....

Shiitake-(lentinula edodes)

Turkey tail-( Trametes versicolor)

work in progress check back for more info :)

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