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jazzy simple fun art project for kids an big kids like us haha

user image 2013-07-24
By: jazzymomma
Posted in:

so creating this blog for dready artsy mommas lol and whomever wishes to make some art lol haha


first link is sidewalk chalk paint for all ages lol:) have a colorful day~ ! and have fun with ur lil ones an if no lil ones i wont tell have at it haha color haha art is good for ur soul i truly belive that :) sunshine an rainbows

lawn side walk stars for all ages lol

tye dye coffee filter butterfly's


coffee filters, twist ties or yard wrks as well as pipe cleaners which ever u have wrks great., washable markers and lil water to spritz on

first color with washable markers however u want the filter to look

then drip or spritz lil water on after u color hold over sink so color can run drip ect

squeeze filter tight open carefully then tie middle

ties for to tie the middle of the filter inhalf to form butterfly shape

then set to dry on flat surface or hang works too

wen dry ull have beautiful tye dye butterflys :)

paper towel an toliet roll critters

supplies can vary from wat items u have lyin in ur craft bins haha

the cardboard rolls

pipe cleaners

paint, markers,

pom poms, bottle caps

glue ,sissors

yarn, google eyes, buttons ect many more


also use as stamps with paint can cut own shapes as well :)

have fun!!

the Barrellady
07/28/13 03:24:22AM @the-barrellady:

I love huge chalk art on sidewalks in the city......

07/24/13 10:14:39PM @naturaldreads01:

Chalk Art???!?! That's my biznaz yo lol. Of course art is good for your soul hehe :D. Especially the colorful kind ;), get dem chakra colors flowing with your artistic instrument(s). Much love and peace to you.

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