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Rainbow explosion?

user image 2013-01-18
By: jazzymomma
Posted in:

hmmm i saw this briefly one day was bigger than in pic and sort of pulsated and got smaller i snapped pic as fast as i could ended up like this i got it! before it dissipated! never saw this before an may not ever again not sure of! has anyone else seen this yes or no and if yes where and post pics of any u saw love rainbows and everything about them.please share:) o forgot to mention probly no connection but wen say this was exactly 8days before birth of my son:)

Alyssa Metzger
01/27/13 09:08:17PM @alyssa-metzger:
Wow that's neat!

01/18/13 11:16:14PM @jazzymomma:
o shoot got it wrong wasn't at my house was actually driving in middle of country farm land between city's oops sry messed up lol:)

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