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My take on Meditation

user image 2013-03-14
By: jazzymomma
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this is a spiritual practice in which u allow for relaxation and peace to surround u

there are first of all many types an forms of meditation

to go into all of those isnt possible so ull have to do ur homework and research it in books or on web, good information is out there and usually easily found an understood

this practice is meant to empower u throughout the process to clear ur mind and body of certain undesired thoughts energies and aid u to cover come personal or spiritual obstacles

some use this method for peace tranquility,inspiration,personal enlightenment,relaxation,a release

some use this method along with other spiritual rituals or practices, from simple candles to prayer or worship, to calm ones anger tendencies...we r only human

to further ur understanding look up how to meditate? and home or public settings for meditation?i cannot personally include this as there r many forms and there r no right an wrong ways to practice meditation it is up to u and ur personal needs. my advice it to try a number of different ways to practice mediation to see which u prefer an stick to wat works for u. good luck researching and please try it and let me kno how it goes or if u already do ur story's:) always peace b with u

if interested i have a awesome in expensive meditation guide easily purchased by old fashioned mail (YAY)

it is 46pages well renowned author: Roy Eugene Davis taught an ordained by famous Paramahansa Yogananda

how order:

send 3$ a copy of the guide and any additional 2copies are only 1$ each!! now who cant afford that awesome right go ahead get some share the love they can send them to people for u :D phone #708-782-4723 weekdays


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