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Cutting cords

user image 2012-12-28
By: jazzymomma
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this is a spiritual practice used to ease the mind and soul

to start out, i urge u to try it and in practice with meditation i will mention in another blog

to start imagine with eyes closed sitting or lying down,

a long cord a few feet long, like a rope

then imagine u are holding it

bring fourth into ur mind/thoughts of the obstacle or negative energy, or person bringing u down

once thought of ur chosen topic, imagine it connected to u with that cord and the issues at hand caused by this or in directly effecting u negatively by it

then acknowledge ur need to dis connect and release this topic or energy or person from u

in a positive way

u will imagine letting go of the cord ,,,,ur cord,hovering in front of u u will cut the cord

symbolizing ur release, no strings attached dis connect feeling from it

leaving u feeling less stress, tension, allows for relaxation to set in and personal/spiritual accomplishment, gives u an way/method in which to cope/deal with things very real in ur life in a personally productive calming way.

for example persons battling everyday life or as extreme as addiction, isolation, anger issues, traits u posses or bad habits u want to overcome. can be used in many ways an forms feel free to modify to ur liking and personal needs as u go, keep it simple, short, meaningful. and u will do great have faith in urself and tht if u believe this will work than it simply will,

wishing everyone all the best please let me kno ur thoughts of this and if tryied it how and if this worked for u ur stories :)

12/28/12 01:58:25AM @jazzymomma:

HAPPI CUTTING! i forgot to mention u may also try this practice with using actual thin twine or rope or hemp cord to enhance ur connection if u r an first timer or hands on type, works great.goodluck Jazzymomma..........peace b with u

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