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Location: Janesville, WI
Zipcode: 53546
Country: US


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Janesvilles you tube and Wi stuff

user image 2013-01-11
By: jazzymomma
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our circut where teens an some adults hang and race

this is janesville wi Peace Park:) inside this tpee is native scences an dream catcher with feathers at top also has few totems and a large globe u can walk on

this is my high school i went too Parker

this factory is on rock river janesville wi

this is my home WI i live in Janesville General Motors factory shut down employed many and provided for many families and local community help programs for single parent families food shortage programs toys for tots local domestic violence shelter and homeless shelter donations as well. many forced to retired or forfeit their 401k plans. no permitted access to the property and surrounding grounds. but for some reason the bar an grill operating on their property parking lot, still up an running access is permitted. many of which worked there went o drink beer and eat on their lunch breaks! i didn't agree with this luxury an shear stupidity. they are building transportation vehicles! shouldn't their be ordinances and regulations against having a bar in their parking lot! there's many laws against drunk drivers, wat about drunk assemblers of our cars!! well they are shut down now! just saying. my stepfather was a 30yr employee much of his employment there he was an alcoholic! and always brought home lunch box full of beer cans!! as many others and even drove drinking one home from work! he talked of workers an friends drinking beer on job! WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS! men stupid alcoholics! these ones lol

Janesville railroad/train engine

black earth WI Institue

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