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Snow storms!welcome to WI

user image 2012-12-20
By: jazzymomma
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This is a picture of my car! today at 2pm or so! December 19th 2012

practically first snow of the year! crazy wind of 26 MPH and temperature of 34 at the moment suposed to drop in early 20;s ranges next following days! 93%humidity, yuck. my VW Passat isnt going to even make it out the end of the driveway lol damn good thing we keep a good amount of food int he pantry.:) i tried to get the snow off my car to try an drive it and as soon as i finished, i had thought! i already had to get snow off all over again! grr

12/30/12 07:36:06AM @jazzymomma:

so yea im officially freezing !its 9degrees out! omg brrrrrr hello WI

12/22/12 09:23:43AM @jazzymomma:

o now its only 10 degrees out today! yikes cold temps dropping everyday:(

12/21/12 03:39:07PM @jazzymomma:

it is soo cold 23 degrees today! o brr i guess there are colder places to be tho

12/21/12 12:37:03AM @jazzymomma:

o i c yikes rather not switch lol peace b with u

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