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homemade stressball recipe

user image 2012-12-16
By: jazzymomma
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youll need: 1 bag flour, a package of balloons, a spoon, a funnel and ur hands lol

you might need to gently work the flour down ward to make sure to work in down to the rest of the balloon

then keep repeating that step, may get plugged up, just work in down again with ur hands

u can keep filling it as big as u want to, to allow more room for flour take funnel off and hold stem push in straight down swishing balloon flatter this will give it a weird shape and allow for more filling

good luck making your own

you can decorate it with permanent makers, or stuff it in a clean colorful lost other match sock lol

hey gives u a new use for it lol

if u hav any questions or wanna share ur creation feel free

most important happi de-stressing! peace

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