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Fellow dredheads i need your votes!

user image 2012-12-16
By: jazzymomma
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vote by simply adding comments with what vote you decide on. thanks so much! i am making my second batch of Dredlock Jewels!so voting choices are:more metal? or more beads?/ second vote: bright beads do u like better? or neutral earth tone beads? refer to the pics below.include thoughts and opinions thanks!

12/18/12 03:37:25PM @jazzymomma:

2 First grade classes at Sandy Hook Elementary had 7 survivors

6 hid in a closet int their classroom and one brave little 6 year old girl tricked the gunman by playing dead alongside her dead classmates! she ran outside covered in blood head to toe!afterwards found her mommy and said"I'm ok mommy , but all of my friends are dead!"

Ssooooooooooooooooooooooo sad! what a brave little smart innocent child! her name hasnt been relesed yet nor her parents would comment or talk to news cast.

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