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my hardest choice i made

user image 2012-12-16
By: jazzymomma
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hi i am writing about my new lil baby dred and its birth story ha. so i had a dred that was like suposed to be two dreds and the fused together. but the roots were all seperate and in two formed peices i had to decide weather to leave it huge and watch it grow out to figure out wat would become of it. it was already tight and locked so to separate it back to two somehow wasnt an option really. well it was down to ripping or actually had to cut. so i couldn't rip or snip it apart cuz already made itself into one dred so i cut the dred root sort of in half an let it be one bigger dred and now the other lil section. is a brand new baby one. that will need some monitoring sd id grows because i want it to be its own dred not congo again. so my dred count is at 20. but now its going up to 21 aww. they often count down a few not up. lol well its my llil one. lol let me know wat i think or advice or ur story.

12/18/12 01:08:33AM @jazzymomma:

My swirlly looper cute with hunter green bead

12/16/12 01:28:17PM @jazzymomma:

heres my baby! funny looking will grow an be better someday, does anyone might kno how long it will take to grow so it dont stick out!????

12/16/12 03:44:17AM @jazzymomma:

o i do also hav a really flat loopy one as well its very unique:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/16/12 03:00:47AM @soaring-eagle:

the numbers always changing..up and down congoing and giving birth to new ones

as long as they stay strong and healthy does it matter wether they are 21 or 22?

12/16/12 02:59:11AM @jazzymomma:

o ill hav to take a photo of the lil one next an post it with its story lol;)

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