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Converting School Bus to Motor Home - The Great Conversion

07/07/10 08:28:00PM
Yay, I found a place to document my conversion. Converting a 1982 Superior School bus thats propane powered. Its about 26 feet long (7 window) medium sized bus. I bought this bus about 4 years ago for $80!!!! yes $80, I got it from an airman that was getting deployed to Iraq. And then it sat, and sat, and sat, as I had a million other projects to do. I then I sold it!!!!! WHY WHY WHY, but I did, got $800 for it. Then the guy I sold it to let it sit and sit and sit. So about a yeat past and I said, hey you attached to that bus I sold ya, and he said heck no want to buy it back and I said heres the $800... And now its undergoing the process to become my familys home on wheels.

This is where I bought it the first time.

Heres where the windows are being removed and I'm having to cut out that bubbled piece of metal to make enough flat space for the new windows I bought to fit.

after the bubble was removed I had a huge hole to fix, so welded in some metal and grinded it smooth :)

now up goes the 20 guage sheetmetal to fill in the hole, I used a roofing polyureathane goo to make it water tight, and used 3/16 Fatty Rivits to match the OE rivits best I could.

one side completed

now I've removed the top flashers and filled the holes in with a sheetmetal plate, same 20 guage metal and rivited and gooed. I'm in the process of sanding it all down right now and plan on shooting the primer in a week or so. Hop you guys like the conversion, I'll be adding solar panels, kitchen, water heater, computer station, queen bed, led lighting, and a 48 volt battery bank made with electric golf cart deep cycle batterys.

Ok heres the primer on and I also have now cut out the holes for the windows

And now I have the black base on for the color changing effect to lay down on, hope to have the effect and clear coat layed down next weekend, its too windy now to continue this weekend.

Heres the interior color, its a silver metallic

Heres a sneak peak at the dash, its the same silver metallic, with a dark greay metallic for the trim work.

Alrighty guys, heres a the paint on the bus with clear coat. 7 hours of non stop painting and my arm is sore!!!! Looks like the interior is coming up real soon. keep watching!

Windows are in! its really coming together now, Soon I run wiring and piping on the inside.

Inside turned out great, heres down the middle underneath the split level in the back for the beds.

Driving Area.

Shower area. With hot water!!! :)

More of that wacky shower :)

Kitchen counter and sink and stove. Has 110V lighting and 12V lighting.

Down middle to rear, lightwasn'tworking with me so I'll get more tonight and use a flash.

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