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How doth thou function?

Hey all I was wondering how do you...
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Proud of You All

I'm not a Mom just wanted to say I...
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04/15/13 05:42:34PM @sweet:

04/12/13 10:53:26AM @jazzymomma:

hi thanks for the advice an comment bro, and yea i totally understand ur view if ur situation with ur kids. yea same here my baby boy everyone says hes a girl or asks boy or girl? or dont even do that they just say aww how old is she? im like hes waering blue camo come on now haha hes adoreable and got perfect lipstick model lips haha an long eyelashes its like wat i know didnt get that from me hahah i wish had that haha but yea im dreading his lil hairs and going soo well so far soo cute, ur welcome to watch his journey on my page blog:D peace an luv

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  † 
04/10/13 09:28:00AM @¯\_-ツ-_-¯-†-:

It will be 4 years on June 14 =] My husband is waiting for his reenlistment to go through. We are hoping to stay in NC but Hawaii wouldn't be bad either! I don't think I would need friends if we lived in Hawaii the beach and waves would be enough friends for me! Is Japan pretty? I have never been out of the country.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  † 
04/09/13 06:41:22PM @¯\_-ツ-_-¯-†-:
He is a Marine, yes! That's awesome that you know people out here! I don't know anyone out here. Everyone out here has a lot of kids, is pregnant or is a teenager haha

Jah Keys
04/07/13 03:57:00AM @jah-keys:
Alright, irie brother.. Guess I mis-read that. Don't worry about it, if he's in the government then I most definately don't know him. I'll link you up when I com to Japan one day. Jah guide

Jah Keys
04/06/13 06:03:26AM @jah-keys:
That's Irie man! What'ss his name? Maybe I know him? The world is getting smaller after all.. Respect man, life does take us on different roads, each one has to take their own path and keep walking to find their destiny, it's always inspiring to know that one has values and will stand steadfast next them no matter what, strength to strength. keep evolving brother! Japan!! Man, you are blessed indeed! I long to go there, their culture is awesome! I'd mostly go there for the anime though:) sounds like it's gonna be an epic vacation..!!

Larra Juab
04/05/13 11:12:27AM @larra-juab:

Aww - thank you so much for the kind words :) And about my post, it's cool haha. At least if people will read that post they will be able to read different opinions from different people, which is really helpful ;D I totally agree with you about the medicinal thingo. I really believe that the cure is in the natural plant itself. It does not comes from those processed chemicals. I truly believe that God has already provided everything that we need, which are all in the nature. That is why we should really take care of it.

Uhm, about the religious dietary laws - I'm not really familiar with it though. I am a Roman Catholic, but I am open to other religions. I am very well interested in Buddhism, Muslim, Rastafarian, and many more other religions. This is one of the factors that made me consider being a Pescetarian. I like how different minds and views of the people has similarities, which of course I find really fascinating. Well anyways, about being a pescetarian - I really want to be a vegetarian but due to my dad, I just can't go full on pesce. He always buys pork and chicken, and at certain times he buys fish too. So yeah - my family is more on pork and chicken lovers, which makes it difficult for me to be full on vegetarian/pescetarian. But the reason behind wanting to do this because since I was young, from what I have understand from my parent's teaching and some of the elders that it's bad to harm living things which has feelings. If us people get hurt, then animals too right? If we die, we leave our loved ones behind. Animals have family too, they have someone they love too. I had always this little pain and guilt every time I eat meat. I have always viewed the animals as the same as I see humans. For me, there is no need to kill another life just to keep on living. So .. that's the reason :D Really sorry for making this really long x) I just really like explaining about this stuff to other people. Thank you for asking me this, Take care :D

Jah Keys
04/04/13 04:52:48PM @jah-keys:
Yo brother.. Bless up.. Fayah for th invite... Your brother in S.A? Dats awesome man.. I'm from Durban man.. Does ur bro live in pta or just there for a long visit? You should also com down 4 a holiday or sumting man.. I know a place dat has some irie tea..:) If it's not personal, your say you growing your dreads as a reminder of vows. (respect) vows of? But yo, peace and blessings.. One love

Larra Juab
04/04/13 07:41:06AM @larra-juab:

Well Hello there Mr. Mike :D Thank you for your request. Glad to know that you have just started your journey, Happy Dreading to you and may the Heavens Bless You. Much Love, xoxox.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/29/13 01:14:31AM @soaring-eagle:

dreads should be free

we have 1 member that went to 3 locticians spent 5 grand over 3 years

they caked the m in wax crochetted thenm interlocked them sewed them when somehow they actualy started dreadig and formed loops..they cut the loops off they dded fake hair tio hide the damage etc

after 3 years they werent dreaded at all she foud us

but heres the thing

she had spent another 5 grand on surgery and medicines fir infecrted breakouts that weee beyond severe...causd by the wax

1 day after wax removak her skin cleared up and she cancled her next surgery

sspending money on dreads is only going to cause u to spend more and mo]=ore and more

dreads should dread for free

pure abd easy

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