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what is your outlook on marijuana, alcohol, and drugs?

user image 2011-03-21
By: jasmine<3
Posted in:
i'm just curious on everyones outlook on things. what do you think of the substances them self, or the people that use them.thank you for participation. :)
04/24/11 09:55:45PM @yohanson:

kaptikaps, thanks. I've tried other opiates before such as vicidin and percocets and I've never had any problems. I looked up side effects of the two active drugs in suboxone, and one of them is vertigo, so I guess me and that drug just didn't agree. I'm alright though now, hahah.

Stickin to the herb lately (: Only problem is that it brings out all my emotions and makes me upset sometimes. I also drink at the occasional party (once a month at the most), but I don't think people should drink often at all. Alcohol is just as bad for you as half of the illegal, harder drugs.

04/03/11 11:00:22PM @amber2:
anything natural and anything that will open your mind, go for it! marijuana used recreationally and for medicinal purposes isn't hurting anyone.

04/01/11 06:55:20PM @chrisdread:

I never really drink, it makes me tired even during the day, if I'm outside cooking out or camping,

I might have a drink but not often, herb, pust everytihng in persective, I get alot acomplised,I agree with amandaeverything isin moderations. get tired of it once in a while. I used to play heavier music, metal (i guess), and everyone there was into different things, I just stick to myself.

03/31/11 10:02:24PM @jdwood:
IMO it's the people who use them. I smoked the green stuff for a while but a lot for about a year. I smoked about 3 times a day and I would wake and bake on the week ends and sometimes would eat some (muffins and stuff like that). I enjoyed shrooms every once and a while but now I do not feel the 'need' to use it any more. I juststoppedand never started again it was not even difficult I just did not feel like it any more. I do not think there is such a thing as an addictive substance it's the person who makes it addictive.

03/30/11 09:56:03PM @clayton:
I avoid all mind-altering substances. The way I see it, hallucinogens and the like are often used for spirituality, but the point never was the visions, it was the journey, and drugs are like the wax of dreadlocks. They imitate the real thing, but they prevent you from ever reaching true understanding or meaning. Again, only my opinion. I personally meditate to achieve the same means. I find others who would rather eat mushrooms or smoke marijuana than achieve self-brought knowledge to be doing it for either the shortcut, or the buzzing in their spines.

03/30/11 11:53:54AM @foxpaw:

Pot is a great way to relax & connect. Psychedelics are fantastic, if your doing it for mind expansion yes. I cant stand it when i hear people talking about hallucinogens as a "party treat". It really is like playing with fire.

Whenever somebody asks my advice about mushrooms, i tell them to take them towards the evening, in nature, either by themselves or with 2or3 GOOD friends. Make a fire, and BE HERE NOW.

I was in the woods once, ingested mushrooms and sat under a tree and listened to the earth, trees and the birds in the sky. i heard leaves crunching, but for some reason i didnt react. I sat and stared ahead..listening.

Then from behind the tree coming to my side was a wandering dog. I said hello to him, he licked me and wandered off. Good experience!

03/30/11 01:41:28AM @yohanson:

Hey Bill? Since you know about opiates, you might be able to help me with a suboxone issue.

I've posted in other drug forums already, but nobody has gotten back to me. I saw this discussion and figured it would be okay ask for help here.

I'm not addicted to opiates, my dad is, so he has a prescription for suboxone. Today was the first time I had that or any kind of withdrawal medication. I was having a mixed episode today, so my dad gave me half of his dose to calm me down. It worked wonderfully for an hour or 2, and then I got HORRIBLE motion sickness, blurred vision, and hot/cold sweats and chills and flashes, puking every time I stood up or had my eyes open for a while (I have never gotten motion sickness in my life) for 8 hours, all up until an hour ago.I've never been that sick in my life. I couldn't even watch TV, I had to lay awake with my eyes closed the entire day.

Does this happen? Or do you think it's unrelated?

I'm 95 lbs.. so I'm a lightweight, but my dad's only 135lbs, so a half a dose of his should've been correct. I ate a good sized meal 2 hours before I took a strip under my tongue... so I don't think my stomach would have been too much.

Should I try it again? I mean either me and the drug don't get along, or it was just a one-time thing. It just sucks because it was those perfect substance I've ever experienced. It didn't get me high, just put me in a nice mood and relaxed my body. I was very pleased with my life, but I was still me, and I still felt like me. Like, the perfect medication for bipolar disorder that will finally keep me happy, and then it does this :/

So, anyone with experience or knowledge with opioid or pharmaceuticals, whatever, I would really appreciate your input. Thanks so much.

Kare T
03/28/11 04:31:07AM @kare-t:
too much of one thing isnt good for everything - bob marley

03/27/11 09:38:43PM @bill:
oh and opiates like morphine or heroin, well.
i'll tell you, you dont ever want to be addicted to it, but MY GOD IS I FUCKING LOVELY!!!!
its like you wake up in the morning and you have to go to work right, but then you find out you dont have to go to work and your jump in your bed and it's all warm and lovey!! oh my god i have NEVER! been to fucking content, its theeee best feeling ever! much much much better then sex. lol that is why it's soo adictive it's a good job i cant get any cuz im not sure if i coulnt fight the temptaion cuz its soooooooooooooooooooo fucking nice! lol i could go on... even remembering what it was like makes you feel good! mmmm opiates, my advice would be to not ever try it if you dont know you wont want.

03/27/11 09:30:08PM @bill:
intoxicants will always be a bad thing at the end of the day, but thats not to say you should not let other people do them, people should be free to intoxicate them selfs how ever they see fit, but it's hard to remain in check. i for one loove intoxicants, i know i like them too much to! when i am sober i am unhappy and uneasy, when i am high i am happy and loose. the thing is i dont ever think i was able to be happy and loose without drugs anyway, as a kid i fucking hated school and did the best i could to get expeled at every place i went i was sent to a childs therpitist who said i was depressed at age 7! lol

i was an ideot too, weed is one of the things that really helped me calm down and think about things, for a while i was even able to be quite happy whilst sober but after a few years of hevey ganja abuse my tolerence is now far too high and i am a feeeiiinnndd for weed,if i aint got no weed i find it hard to get on with my day, not impossable or anything but it's just realllly boring to be sober i almost hate it tbh.

so my outlook on drugs... its hard to say. there like all things they have there good and bad sides.
a dogs fury lovable and loyal but you still have to pick it's shit up. as long as your happy to deal with the bad then the good is well worth it.

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