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user image 2013-07-01
By: Jaquie Farmer
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I have a few twist and rip baby dreads that are a little over a week old. I know I've read that you can do a criss cross wrap with them and its fine. But I was wondering if completely wrapping them is bad?
07/02/13 10:46:43AM @ixchel:

the ones i wrapped early on didn't seem to help or hinder them, none of them were really progressing at that point but the wraps made me feel like i had some good sections happening, even if it didn't always seem like it. after my hair finally started doing things & i was wrapping pieces the open wrapped ones would start bubbling up outta the wrap, so they were still knotting & looping & the wrap was keeping them out of others that may eat them & keeping the loose hairs in that section. the closed wrap ones only bubbled above the wrap & didn't seem to knot at all in or below it.

Alex Haighton Kerr
07/02/13 09:30:31AM @alex-haighton-kerr:

I wrapped a few sections of mine in the early stages and when I unravelled them some time later they weren't dreaded in the sections that I wrapped. I would just leave them be for a while to properly dread up.

the Barrellady
07/01/13 03:27:46PM @the-barrellady:

Completely wrapping them looks really cool...but for dreads in their infant stage, id does not allow them to loop and zig zag and shrink, it halts the journey to maturing. That is why the criss cross method is recommended, they are not tight that way and can still shrink and move about. If you wrapped one dread completely and left the rest alone, the one wrapped one would stay the original length and all the others would be dreading and maturing, you would see the difference. It would be the same as wrapping undreaded hair, it would just be the same when you take itout.

Completely wrapped dreads is fine once they are mature....peace

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