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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: La Plata, MD
Zipcode: 20646
Country: US

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Baba Fats
06/18/13 05:28:14PM @baba-fats:

The BS/ACV wash is great. There are plenty of posts about recipes. It's probably the easiest wash. The only problem with it is that it doesn't work in hard, alkaline water. I'm not sure what your water quality is like. But be careful. You could use bottled water or boil your water first to make it work. If you have any questions about how to do the boiling method, let me know

the Barrellady
06/18/13 12:24:55PM @the-barrellady:

Three years from now, many of those parents will see your mature, longer dreadlocks and wish that they had the courage to go on a journey of their own. Many shy away due the the messiness of the first year, but the end result is the most beautiful hair there is. Glad you joined too.....peace

the Barrellady
06/17/13 09:43:15PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Janine. welcome to the community. I am posting a map below so you can see your water type, that will help with choices of what you can use to wash with.

I also did the twist & rip method, But I will ask...why you at 2 1/2 months into your journey? Did you know that T&R dreads are only a blueprint to your dreads, they loosen and some even fall completely out. You would be setting back your journey, going backwards from where you are right now. Don't set yourself back in time, not necessary. I am not pro neglect method only, but I do think just hang in there with what you are doing. If you do add a few T&R, don't do them too tight.

I have a posting about my T&R journey for you to read up on if you like: (Dead URL)> have a home in my heart for being a special needs school teacher, what a wonderful profession for you to embark.......peace

Baba Fats
06/17/13 09:03:45PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Be careful with Dr. B's soap, though. While it's become the go-to soap for dreadlocks, what most people don't know is that it doesn't work well in hard water. No castile soaps do. If you have hard water, which I'm pretty sure you do, it will leave residue, that will build up over time and can cause some problems in the future

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/17/13 04:13:12PM @soaring-eagle:

Byron Pagdilao
07/01/13 10:47:36AM @bummie:

I am sorry that you have to go through that. We have that here in the States to an extent. Police profile dreads. I guess it happens all over the world. I agree that dreads have nothing to do with drugs but it is a stigma we just have to live with. I was walking my dog the other day. I live on a dead end road and at the end of the road there is a small patch of woods. I was at the edge of the woods and the mail truck pulled up. The mailman asked me if I was "checking on my weed." lol I get comments like that all the time.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/30/13 02:29:40PM @soaring-eagle:

hopefully u escape soon

Byron Pagdilao
06/30/13 04:31:48AM @bummie:

Welcome to the site :) Wow government officials in Egypt have issues with your dreads? That is crazy to me because I associate Egypt with know King Tut and all that. Your dreads rock btw :)

06/28/13 05:10:51PM @darkstar:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/28/13 05:10:24PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but dont bother palm rolling and wow lotsa respect to you but ..any chance of escaping there thats 1 of the top 10 scariest countries

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