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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Zipcode: 15217
Country: US


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Possible meet-up

I know a lot of people are from the...
@Jamie2 11 years ago - Comments: 45

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Me and my baby
Baby Dreads Day 1
Baby Dreads Day 1
Baby Dreads Day 1


owen thompson
07/25/10 09:13:14PM @owen-thompson:
hey there hows it going, how long ya been dreadin?

Naja Sage
07/25/10 01:56:30PM @naja-sage:
i have a group called Vegans-- feel free to join--Aloha Naja

dreaded delusion
06/27/10 04:35:06PM @dreaded-delusion:
actually, i just had a good friend of mine do mine. that's all you really need. there's no need to waste money on someone that does what anyone can. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/27/10 02:20:21PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisterglad u joined usnamaste

Lizzie Meyer
10/28/11 09:21:44PM @robert-junior:

i like your background :) blessings brother...

10/25/11 04:23:22PM @hammy:

Merry Meet Anthony! I need to check my board a bit more often!! (*and I need to post a pic soon!) My dreads are now 2 months old, yeah!! Breathing in change, and Swirling into newness!!


Jenna Wells
10/03/11 11:56:56AM @rudeboy-rasta:

thanks for the request bredren!!!!!!


Joshua Cameron
09/27/11 08:57:41PM @joshua-cameron:

thanks for the add! sweet dreads

Taisha Rudoski
09/26/11 12:45:35PM @donovan-sky-morales:

Its very nice to see someone from nearby! Sometimes I feel so alone in this po-dunk town lol, your dreadlocks are gorgeous!

Smail Jr
09/25/11 08:07:20PM @smail-jr:

Thanks for friending me, Anthony! Ur dread's are off the hook, SiCK, dude!!! I can't wait until mine mature to that level!


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