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dreadlocks shampoo


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@jambajuice • 7 months ago
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/13/19 12:39:22PM @soaring-eagle:


your hair would absolutely dread if treated right

now mistakes canot dread with wax in it..its a scam and dread killer.. you need wax b gne to remove it eve if it was only used once 10 years ago..wax is pure evil in dreds

combining then cutting combining only added to the bulk.. and the wax and gels and gunks added to the weight..mine are 10 feet long..yes way beyond the floor and the weights a non issue cause theres no wax weighing them down

twisting twisting only causes traction alopecia..if you see scalp you got a problem yes salons push the scalpy look as desireable but its a self inflicted form of balding..never rtwst

your way over conditionig, how can it dread when its to slippery to soft to hold a knot

if you wash every few days with an all natural dread shampoo you should need little to no conditioning

you say you use just enough oil to keep its form when twisting.. if your using anything to keep its form your prevening it from dreading

if it holds anything in place, how are the individual hairs, held in place..supposed to move tangle and knot

everything you use to hold in place is preventing it from getting out of place, which is exactly what needs to happen to dead

my prescription: 1 try the bars if you dont use them already..and cool to cold water water dries the hair and scalp

stop retwisting! separate as needed using the popping meting (just pull dreads away from eachother that are trying to grow together)

use the wac b gone from dreadockshampoo  soak hair  this time do use very hot water to soften the wax, use a generous ammount of wax b gone squeeze it in dep really saturate them and keep working it into the core of te dread..wait 10 min or longer then wash out thouroughly again with real hot water

d this many times after you are convinced no wax could remain because its extremely hard to remove even with such an effective product

post pics let see how thick they are after combining

also need to see if the twistings causd tinning requiring attention

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