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Jakk Lyman


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Dreads should be wild and free

By Jakk Lyman, 2012-02-28

Im of the opinion that dreadlox should be natural-the state has shaved my head twice and each set ive grown back has been different. Dreads werent meant to be trendy-this is just my opinion-I know that lots of people are getting them these days cuz they look cool--- Dreads are more than just a hairstyle to me, I know this sounds corny, but its how I feel...Dreads should be natty, wild, and free--not uniform, overnight, and perfect. In this sense they represent, and are a part of me. I left home when I was 12, and have spent my life in and out of institutions--as well as traveling, squatting and lawbreaking.

I last completed the 7th grade in the compulsory school system, and have spent the last 20 some odd years educating myself. I recently went to college for awhile and made A's so easily it lost its appeal. For 4 years I took whatever interested me, and designed some classes as well. I loved logic, and still study it independently. I'd like to start (maybe a weekly) blog here concerning the real problems afflicting our world, particularly the actions of the U.S., and do some myth busting on the subject of the illuminati--I'm not saying all conspiracies are lies, or that there isnt hidden nuggets of truth in the alex jones/zeitgeist etc.but most of it is out of context + outright lies + reframing and redefining words/semantics + a web of correlates from unrelated quotes,symbolism,geographies and times + the use of amateur unqualified "experts" where experts arent needed to create an atmosphere of legitimacy...not to mention (remember I study logic) that the standard algorithm's of the argument's are are awful..

The first place I'd start is the creation and hidden purpose of our/U.S. compulsory school system (many nations have adopted this model) its all well documented and I'll cite my sources whenever possible. Then each additional post I'd beak down media censorship, propaganda, and how that system works, as well as how it started and came to be what it is today. From there I'd move on to the grand narrative of capitalism, authority, hierarchy, and their well as myths about "human nature" since this seems to be the reigning excuse for why we need systems based on violence and greed. I'd also briefly touch on other systems of economics, the nature of freedom and equality and a little history of revolution. Finally, I'll propose solutions, since thats what its all about, and hopefully some of you will have ideas and input as well. If your reading this and you think this is a good idea, let me know, and I'll get started. Maybe we can bring the "dread" and revolution back to dreadlocks...

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