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Jakk Lyman


Location: Portland, OR
Zipcode: 97201
Country: US


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user image 2012-03-30
By: Jakk Lyman
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Hello--I'm currently writing two books, so I havent been on the site in awhile, but, within the next couple days im going to write a little piece on the Illuminati, where that conspiracy narrative originates and how it evolved as well as the truth about Weishaupts group (thats actually what one of the books Im writing is about). So that will be up soon, thanks everybody who reads my babble and comments and likes and discusses and converses and makes me feel like Im not totally wasting my time, I love to write, and those who love to write like to be read


Angel Frye
03/31/12 01:01:41AM @angel-frye:

Always interested in learning and researching something new!

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