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Dreads should be wild and free

user image 2012-02-28
By: Jakk Lyman
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Im of the opinion that dreadlox should be natural-the state has shaved my head twice and each set ive grown back has been different. Dreads werent meant to be trendy-this is just my opinion-I know that lots of people are getting them these days cuz they look cool--- Dreads are more than just a hairstyle to me, I know this sounds corny, but its how I feel...Dreads should be natty, wild, and free--not uniform, overnight, and perfect. In this sense they represent, and are a part of me. I left home when I was 12, and have spent my life in and out of institutions--as well as traveling, squatting and lawbreaking.

I last completed the 7th grade in the compulsory school system, and have spent the last 20 some odd years educating myself. I recently went to college for awhile and made A's so easily it lost its appeal. For 4 years I took whatever interested me, and designed some classes as well. I loved logic, and still study it independently. I'd like to start (maybe a weekly) blog here concerning the real problems afflicting our world, particularly the actions of the U.S., and do some myth busting on the subject of the illuminati--I'm not saying all conspiracies are lies, or that there isnt hidden nuggets of truth in the alex jones/zeitgeist etc.but most of it is out of context + outright lies + reframing and redefining words/semantics + a web of correlates from unrelated quotes,symbolism,geographies and times + the use of amateur unqualified "experts" where experts arent needed to create an atmosphere of legitimacy...not to mention (remember I study logic) that the standard algorithm's of the argument's are are awful..

The first place I'd start is the creation and hidden purpose of our/U.S. compulsory school system (many nations have adopted this model) its all well documented and I'll cite my sources whenever possible. Then each additional post I'd beak down media censorship, propaganda, and how that system works, as well as how it started and came to be what it is today. From there I'd move on to the grand narrative of capitalism, authority, hierarchy, and their well as myths about "human nature" since this seems to be the reigning excuse for why we need systems based on violence and greed. I'd also briefly touch on other systems of economics, the nature of freedom and equality and a little history of revolution. Finally, I'll propose solutions, since thats what its all about, and hopefully some of you will have ideas and input as well. If your reading this and you think this is a good idea, let me know, and I'll get started. Maybe we can bring the "dread" and revolution back to dreadlocks...

Bob Ngarly
12/04/13 12:37:45PM @bob-ngarly:
I think you should go ahead and start posting some of this!

Bob Ngarly
12/04/13 12:37:43PM @bob-ngarly:
I think you should go ahead and start posting some of this!

03/01/12 05:06:14PM @adele:

hmmm it didn't post the whole thing but anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

one world-one revolution

03/01/12 04:32:00PM @adele:

Part of a of a talk given at Occupy Wellington, New Zealand, on October 27 2011 which I totally agree with:

"Some conspiracy theories, such as many of the shadowy financial cabal conspiracies, only serve to mystify capitalism and falsely suggest a level of control that doesn't actually exist. Additionally, they remove any sense of our own power, whether real or potential. A theory which suggests such overwhelming power and control over the entire way we live our lives is actually a catalyst for inaction if a group has such a high level of control over everything, then there's not really anything we can do about it. On the contrary, capitalism is not a static system, it is dynamic and changing and constantly adapts in response to threats. The threat of working class power has resulted in a number of changes to the functioning of capitalism over time, including the introduction of Keynesian and Neoliberal economics in the late 1930s and 1970s respectively.

Even if conspiracy theories can sometimes seem relatively harmless on the surface, they play a role of absorbing us into a fictional world, somewhat like a dungeons and dragons enthusiast. Once you are in this fictional world, it becomes really easy to get lost in it and to be defensive when challenged, even when challenged on a logical, rational basis.

I'll quote British political blogger Jack Ray:

The trouble with conspiracy theories is that they're all rendered pointless by one fundamental, unarguable element of capitalism. That it is, whatever else you have to say about, positive or negative, a system of elites. It has elitism coded into its DNA, from the smallest company, to the largest multinational, from the political system to the culture. It's purpose is to promote elites. It does this legitimately within the logic of the system. It does this publicly, lording super-capitalists like Bill Gates or even for a time, Enron boss Ken Lay. It lays its theories of elitism out for all to see, in policy projects, in university research, through political theorists.

It has no interest in secret cabals, or conspiracies. It has no need for them. It is a system openly, and publicly, run by elites. They might go home at night and secretly dine with their illuminati, lizard-jew, Bilderberg Group friends, and laugh about how they've taken over the world. It doesn't matter to me or you whether they do or not. They are the elite, and we can see who they are and how they live their lives. People know that we live in a system of elites, that acts in its own interests, according to the logic of the society they dominate. Everyone who looks around know this. We don't need internet documentaries to tell us that we're dominated, we just need to go to work, or walk through a posh neighbourhood or have a run-in with any politicians, big businessman or even a celebrity to know that. What we need are weapons, ways of challenging that domination, so maybe we don't have to live under it forever.

So what is the alternative to this conspiracist world-view? For that, we need to look at history. The history of how social change comes about is not always easy to find. It suits those in power to downplay the role of mass movements, so the dominant narrative is often one that ignores the long term grassroots organising that has happened, and simply focuses on legislative change enacted by the Government of the day. But a people's history is out there often in the form of first hand accounts by those who took part in these movements, such as those for homosexual law reform, of the 1970s strike wave across New Zealand, of the movement against native forest logging and so on.

One thing, from looking at this history, is abundantly clear. Mass action is vital for mass change. If you look through history, time and time again, it is when large groups of people have got toget

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/28/12 10:59:35PM @soaring-eagle:

you realize surface temp and temops aloft are drasticly diferent

its 70 at the surface its 0 at 10,000 (cloud base) at 30,000 where the pland]=es are its -40

its very simply explained its ice crystals

Angel Frye
02/28/12 10:32:34PM @angel-frye:

SE, I used to think the same thing about chemtrails until last year. My area of central Florida has been 'sprayed' so heavily this past year it's insane. Every time it starts to cloud up like a storm is brewing and the temp. starts to drop like a natural winter cold front is coming a few hours later those tell-tale criss crosses start appearing in the sky. My son and I have literally walked outside and it was black as night with the potential for rain and walking out of a store a while later every cloud in the sky is gone. Poof. Just GONE. But guess what IS up in the sky? Chemtrails.I have videos of these things and tons of pictures.

Contrails disappear after a few hundred feet, chemtrails stick up there and slowly disperse over a matter of hours. Naysayers like to talk about them as being 'mare's tails' as they disperse. Bull. I've never seen so many 'mare's tails' in the sky before in my life and I've always been a cloud watcher. There's nothing natural about the streaky mess in our local skies lately. We've only dipped below 50 degrees maybe four times this past winter. February is our coldest month and what am I wearing right now? Cotton shorts and a halter top. All our windows are open and have been for the past two weeks.

La Nina, my ass.

I look forward to your blog posts, Jakk. I look forward to your writings. My two children (10 and 12) are virtual schooled at home and we know all too well the indoctrination that can take place in brick-and-mortar schools. My children would come home from school with religious pamphlets stuffed in their bookbags and they did not go to a parochial school. But the megachurch around the corner from their school certainly knew how to advertize and they wrangled the teachers into their propaganda march. We're not atheist but we don't like indoctrination of any kind. We teach our kids to ask questions and not believe everything they see or hear just because an adult says it's so and not just about religion- about everything.

Tara C
02/28/12 09:14:47PM @tara-c:

Can't wait to read your blog posts in the future, they sound great. I agree with what you said about dreads being more than a hairstyle, because that's actually how they started out in my eyes, and it became about more than that, changed my opinion on it. But, you know, for everyone who admires Che Guevara, there's a person with no knowledge of him wearing a shirt with his face on it. Same thing, I suppose.

Agree with what you said about conspiracies too. It's annoying being told you're a brainwashed idiot because you don't believe conspiracies just because they're conspiracies. In my opinion, believing the official story without any evidence or questioning is bad, but so is believing a conspiracy without any evidence or questioning. If you look for dodgy stuff, you will find it, because the mind sees what it's looking for.

I do have to say I'm one of those people who believe greed is a natural trait of humanity though. I don't see it as a good excuse, because it's easy to rebel against it, block it out, overcome it, but I do think we're born with (or at least, taught in such a constant way that it becomes a part of us from the moment we're exposed to life) this never-ending pit of desire, whether it's power, wealth or control.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, but I love your blog post.

Kara Simpson
02/28/12 05:39:31PM @kara-simpson:

This is by far probably the most honest blog I've read... real talk:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/28/12 03:09:35PM @soaring-eagle:

really look forward to reading the blogs as they progress it will be great to have more thought provoking blogs like this

on the conspiracy theory part i find the chemtrails one funniest since they are just water vapor caused by wing loading squeexzing water vapor out of the air making it condence into visible vapors

i fly gliders and when i do aerobatics at higher g's you can get the same wing tip vortices on the right days when the dewpoints just right. and when you try to explain that to them they claim that thry claim that its aluminum and thats why it lingers in the air so metal even a light metal is lighter then air haha but water vapor will stay at the level it condences at just as a funtion of pressure density temperatutre etc

all completely explainable and understandable if you study meteroology even in its most basic form.

some conspiracies might be right on or at least have some truth..some do make sense to a point but many or most are rediculouse.

the weird part is the truths are stranger then the consopiracies often and are less accepted by the

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