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11/11/16 02:05:14PM @sugaplum:

Hello how have you been brotha?

Larra Juab
07/08/13 08:10:07AM @larra-juab:

Heeeey - It's all cool ;D Don't worry, and same here too. Been super busy with school and with my life. I have started painting, and building stuffs (currently making a bird house). I have been super well but it's supeer cold out here. How about you brother? :)

Larra Juab
05/07/13 04:33:44AM @larra-juab:

Hey Jah! HAPPY DREADSARY!! :D I hope you had a majestic day today. Have you celebrated this day as your holy day? Tell me about what you did! I love stories! Hahaha. Well anyways - yes I will be careful. I have started to use planes as of the moment. I don't know on when will I be able to handle a hammer xD I am scared but also excited.

I totally agree with you - it's really hard. Like real hard hard hard. With all the school work and house work. Man .. I get super drained D: And oh my - how I wish that I was living with monks haha. But lately - I think that Meditation will be soon a history for me xD

And man! WOOOOOOOW! You know looooots of things about Teas! I have tried tea now, but it tastes bitter :\ IDK what tea was it though - I needed to drink it for my sleeping pills. But soon - I shall try looking for good tea. My mom drinks tea - but it's all for slimming x) How I wish I could plant a tree which bears tea leaves <3 And it's okay - getting carried away if fine ;)

Well, that's all for now :D Thank you so much for the information and the things that you have shared to me brother! Peace and Much love. May the Heavens bless you and your family! Happy Dreadsary again to you and your dreadlocks! xoxox.

Larra Juab
04/29/13 07:21:46AM @larra-juab:

Heeey Jah! It's been sooo long! haha, I hope that you are doing very well over there :D I am pretty well over here, I have just been very busy for the past few weeks. And we are actually gonna start doing practice construction this week. I am really excited but worried at the same time x) I have never used a hammer in my life. I have never done any woodwork in my whole life. So I am really worried if my product will turn out great haha, but I'll do my best.

Well yeah - haha, the funny thing is - My start was great but I am so busy for the couple of weeks and I feel really tired so I can only meditate 1 a week (On Sundays before starting my so called "YOGA" practice) haha. It's really hard to commit to meditation I guess, that is if you are busy and just don't have the time.

My my - you have a great plan for your Dreads Birthday! So you like teas? What does it taste like? Do you brew it yourself? And I really think that you should declare it as your Holy Day :P hahaha.

And so that what BIS means. Wow, I really have no idea in such things x) I am such a failure. I study IT but I don't even know the different Internet Services haha. Btw - from what country are you from? And what does Zar stands for? I know it's a currency, but I'm curious of it's full word. Well - that's all for now, hope you are doing well. Take care of yourself, and may the Heavens Bless you and your family! Much Love, xoxox.

04/29/13 01:25:14AM @sugaplum:
Blessings brotha,You mentionedtea rinse. i was just wondering what herbs do you use? i wash my hair as needed with African black soap. but i do daily rinses.Love and Light

Larra Juab
04/14/13 07:08:28AM @larra-juab:

Thank you :) and yes I will - but it will take some time though haha. I can only do it at school, but don't worry - I shall post it proudly here! :D and yeah - it is messy and kinda smelly too because of the ink x) I only use old papers you see - to recycle and have less expense in doing it. But yes, indeed - it is very very fun!

I did heard of that too - that it would even take some people like decades to master it! Made me more interested in doing it. Haha, but unluckily - I failed to do it everyday but somehow in my counting for the past 3 weeks - I have done the meditation and breathingexercisefor about 3 times a week. What do you think about it? Not bad? :P and haha, that's really funny about Master Bruce Lee xD

And woooow! May 7! That's just like few weeks to go! AMAZIIIIIIIIIIING! :O So what are your plans in celebrating it? And don't worry for replying late ;) It's no biggie, and what's BIS anyways?

Much Love, xoxox.

Larra Juab
04/08/13 10:01:07AM @larra-juab:

Wow, that was a senseful statement :) Actually, in my Studio Arts class - we will be touring a gallery next week. So I think I might get some inspirations with the help of the works of other artists, I am also thinking of painting something that I could resemble my mom with. Mother's day is coming up next month so I might make one for her as a present :)

Yep, you read it right. Furniture Designs, I have a woodtech class which we would design and make our own furnitures and I'm still on the process of finalizing my ideas. I shall post my final drawings if I will get it done ;D And talking about paper sculptures, no they are not like those origamis. If you know what paper maches are, then they are more likely to be similar :D I am currently finishing on a little one at the moment. It's a little panda sculpture haha, I made it for a little kiddo.

Haha, I really thought that you were doing yoga but Martial Arts - i got one word for that and that is "WOW". Martial Arts is full of discipline, and focus! I never knew that it had breathingexercisestoo. You got real good reasons to do Martial Arts, which is really impressive :D

Aww - thank you so much for the sweet words. Yours are looking good too!
Has it been a year since you had your dreads? :D
Take care, and May the Heavens Bless you. xoxox

Larra Juab
04/08/13 05:39:28AM @larra-juab:

I shall put that to my to do this year lists, haha. I woulddefinitelywatch one this year! And OMG, your painting loooooksincredible! I looooveeeeee it! Actually I am really interested in paintings too, I already have my painting materials but I just felt like I don't have any inspirations to paint. I'm sooo busy with my furniture designs, and about my paper sculptures :\ I hope that I can paint soon. Anyways - have you been doing yoga? Cause the pose in your picture kinda tells me that you do :P Tell me more about it okaaay ? Much love, xoxox.

04/06/13 11:30:40AM @javalizard:

Vacation? Nope we are living there! My brother is slightly older, he is almost 20 my senior, and he works in government I will ask if he minds me posting his name over the place.

Japan is a great place we really love it

Baba Fats
04/06/13 08:10:56AM @baba-fats:

Hopefully I go to you in time. DON'T iron you hair. That will destroy your locks. It' like a perm. It fries your hair. And it'll just melt the wax and make it seep deeper into you locks, and harder to get out.

What you need to do: Get a big bowl or pot. The biggest you have. Fill it with the warmest water you can stand to have you hands in for a long time. Then get a good degreasing dish soap. If you can find Dawn, that's the best. But another soap that specifically says "tough on grease", will work. Most likely they won't be the healthiest soaps, but you need it to work, so I wouldn't stress too much about that right now.

Squirt a very generous amount of soap into the water. One by one, dunk you locks into the water and massage the soap into your lock for about 1 minute each. Change the water periodically. It'll get really nasty quickly. You'll see that your pouring out grey/brownish water. That's a good sign.

Do this until every lock has been soaked. Then wash your hair like normal.

This method needs to be done 2-3 times a week for about a month, if you only used wax once. If you used it more, and because you already melted some deeper into your locks with the hot water and squeezing, you will probably need to do it for about 2 months. I usually like to recommend doing it longer than you think just to be on the safe side.

Some of your locks may unravel while getting the wax out. Don't freak out and stop. The wax was holding them in place, so you didn't notice that no locking took place while the wax was in. You've already defined the sections, so they will begin to lock up in roughly the same place sooner than later.

Good luck. If you need any other help, or clarification, let me know

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