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By: Jade
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.. It gets very hard to not feel a tad beaten down by the world around me. I don't live a common lifestyle as it is, never mind in a part of Louisiana that is the basic opposite of New Orleans (ohhh how I love NO)... And I get tired of explaining myself. Or, maybe, not explaining myself, but why I do what I do to others.... I want to, to help them understand and educate themselves, but it's tiresome....because for every positive and uplifting response I get, there are ten more negative responses.

I don't shave. I had a night where I had some sort of weird epiphany... I noticed that I always push the shower curtain to the right when I take a bath... upon noticing this I defiantly pushed it to the LEFT. Feeling a bit more triumphant I took my bath... with my aloe and olive oil shaving stuffs pre-prepared and ready, I picked up the razor and stared at it. Now, before I completely stopped shaving I didn't shave often, maybe once a month, just for the hell of it. But that night I pondered on why I should at all. I don't enjoy it, and the only reason I could think of as to 'why' I did it was because I was 'supposed to'. Well fuck that I said. And i haven't shaved since. Upon relaying this notion to my husband, he merely looks up from his book, shrugs and says..."well, your a mammal. Your supposed to have hair. I never asked you to goofy." Yea. He's fantastic.

I said that to say this. I get SO MUCH SHIT for having hair on my legs, from so many people... "Why don't you just shave it off??" to which my response has become, "Why would I?" Which makes some people think. It makes others scoff and look at me like I am in fact the craziest person in the universe. Now add the fact that I have dreadlings, which at this point just looks like Helena Bonham Carter is my hair stylist, considering all the hairs are trying to find homes, the fact I don't really wear make up because I don't want a bunch of chemicals on my face, I don't use soap or shampoo, I make my own laundry detergent because I don't like putting harsh chemicals into the earth, and THEN tack on the fact that :::gasp::: I'm a secular humanist and don't believe in a god and I am basically the strangest person ever. So forgive me if I ever get snappy or heated on these subjects if we speak.. It's only because I'm so very tired. <3

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