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Unexpected Journey....

user image 2011-01-25
By: Jade
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Let me start off by saying my fiance is amazing. AMAZING. I love being with someone who is my intellectual equal, if not surpassing me in so so many areas.I never expected our indulgence in science and educating ourselves in the facets of it would lead us to... well, I guess, modern day hippie-dom of sorts.Justin has been practicing Trancendental Meditation at like 4 in the morning, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm very very interested. Mind over matter, scientifically proven? In-ter-est-ing.... Worth a shot anyway, we know that even regular meditation is helpful.We are planning on attending a Rainbow Gathering in the next few years... apparently there are buses that run all over the country that will pick you up and take you... man how wonderful. It's full of people from everywhere, from all different background, from all different beliefs, who come to just get back to nature, to love each other and to live in harmony with each other and with the earth. The video is worth watching, it's hard to watch the whole thing and not want to go there.My thought processes are changing, as is my worldviews. It's strange..... in a wonderful way. Also, I feel much less aggressive since I've been off my birth control shot, I wonder how much of an effect on my psyche it had? I'm starting to feel like myself again. More at peace with myself and the world.It still makes me sad that loving the earth, and trying to be healthier, and trying to get chemicals out and off of our bodies makes us weirdos.... societies standard of beauty and health, societies standard of what makes life good... its all so corrupt and twisted.... so many things we hold dear are in so many ways completely devoid of value, we romanticize things that have and hold no real value.... our world would seem so strange to those who came before us... and I must say, as an american, who really does love my country... it makes me so sad to see what we as Americans have become... we are falling behind, our civil rights pale in comparison to other countries on level with us... Germany is outlawing the death penalty. GERMANY. And we have a state that basically has a death penalty express lane. ::sigh::" An eye for and eye leaves everyone blind"- Mahatma GhandiHow long will we continue this existence that separates us from ourselves? Love is all you need.
Shanxon Lemasters
02/03/11 07:54:42AM @shanxon-lemasters:
I was on the birth control shot when I was 16 and it made me soooooooo mean! I took it once and it messed me up so bad I had to be put on fertility drugs to get re-regulated and it messed me up bad emotionally and physcially! But I am so glad you're getting in touch with yourself and your surroundings and I dun think it makes us the weirdos I think we're the "normal" ones...the ones who aren't too blinded to see!

01/29/11 07:48:56PM @jade:
Right? It doesn't make any sense.

Amy Lanning
01/29/11 01:29:35AM @amy-lanning:

Jade, I LOVED reading this! Thankyou<3

When are we going to quitkilling people,

to show people, that killing people, is WRONG!?


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