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There is always a beginning.

user image 2013-02-18
By: Jacob chear
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Hello, ive been thinking about joining the dread community for about a year now. Ive just been waiting for my hair to catch up. Looking around I think the twisting method is the best (for my type of hair, seeing as its soft, curly, plush, ect.). And I am contemplating when to start, Im going to have a week off next next week so I was thinking of starting then. On the other hand summer is right around the corner, so what im getting at here is when should I start?
the Barrellady
02/18/13 10:57:27PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Jacob. If you have plush curly hair, natural is best for you. Your type of hair dreads so quickly, doing the twist & rip on it would slow down your process for sure. Go free form, you'll be amazed how fast it will go for you. Just throw away the comb and you have started. That's it.

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