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dreadlocks shampoo
jackie blumer


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Zipcode: 89101
Country: US


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jackie blumer


My dreads are about 3 months old. I...
@jackie blumer 7 years ago - Comments: 11

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/14/11 12:50:52PM @soaring-eagle:

welfcome wax is a dread killer u did your research in all the wrong places

srry but they should be started over or at very least spend months removing wax

its easier to start over and better only wayu u can be sure u get it all out

Jessica Summers
06/06/11 12:48:17PM @alice-lane:
When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you! (Dead URL)> Peace & love,Mia

02/16/11 07:23:51PM @feedroh:
Shud jist let yur dreads go natural sista altho it looks kewl like it is in yur foto slides, jist fort id say that stay safe sista oh and i added yu asa friend f thats ok!!!!!!!

Lauriee dread brannon
02/10/11 02:15:07PM @heindrich-du-preez:
happy b day!

Bob Davison2
02/10/11 08:07:46AM @brandon-tomaselli:
Happy birthday muy sweet yong sister !I hope the best for you !

Adrian Migotti
12/01/10 07:33:40PM @jessica-fuentes:
I need to get Jojoba oil, have to use it sparingly cause here it's expensive :I and in back its a few inches below my shoulder blades.

Bob Davison2
11/22/10 01:37:08PM @brandon-tomaselli:
Serious ?Is so great to know that your favorite band , is "Bad Brains" , better for you , that many times can enjoy them in the USA .Nice begin of week for you in the USA .

11/12/10 01:52:37AM @bethany-harris:
kute dreads sist ^_^

Adrian Migotti
11/09/10 07:41:22PM @jessica-fuentes:
Red ribbon means a lot of things---peace, love, security and well i wish all these for you!

Adrian Migotti
11/09/10 07:37:54PM @jessica-fuentes:
Hey I use the exact same aloe/salt thing TOO! I use it to wash my hair-Awesome home made stuff. An yeah right-I've always twirled my hair when it was straight, and that got me started-just had to wait till the hair was long enough for my own happiness...I serious cannot wait for them to finally lock!!

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