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Jack Pierre


Location: Shelby, MT
Country: US


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Living with dreads in Shelby, MT

user image 2011-08-21
By: Jack Pierre
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Well I found a coment on my page today and it said that I was a brave soul to be growing dreads in shelby. And I apricaited it alot(sorry for miss spelled words). And this is a Post for people living in a small town with dreads. I am just querious about all the crap that you get living in a small town with dreads please respond.
08/23/11 11:56:14PM @devon:

I live in a small town in Pennsylvania. Many people around here are into hunting and fishing, so as the vegetarian girl who's growing dreadlocks, I've gotten a lot of crap. >_< It does take bravery to be unique, but you're setting an amazing example for people in your area who wish to step out of society's rut. Rock on!

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