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compliments from strangers ;)

user image 2012-08-31
By: Ixchel
Posted in:

Some lady at the mall yesterday said she loved my hair yes she said hair, they aren't identifiable as dreads yet but my husband laughed because they are in an "in between" state & actually looking like i haven't been brushing every morning now. pretty freakin frizzy & poofy & i'm sure driving with the windows down & not looking in the mirror didn't do them much favors :) Squee! Love my baby dreads!

Baba Fats
09/05/12 01:28:02AM @baba-fats:

That's Awesome Sheri. It's even nicer when cooks do it. So many people think it's taboo to have locks in a kitchen

09/05/12 01:25:58AM @sheribaby:

I had an older lady come up to me while i was in the doctors office and said "Your hair is magical - i love it" which was pretty awesome considering how terrible i felt. I also had a chef come out of the kitchen in a restaurant and say very loudly "I heard there was a mad set of dreads out here" .....always makes you feel good when strangers pay you a compliment. Even if they call your hair mad :)

09/05/12 01:14:56AM @ixchel:

@Mons thank you! i think i'm normally not very approachable so i rarely get comments from people too lol, i'm not that scary am i? I think yours look great!

@Sussi I'm trying to talk the hubby into a big move, he said in 5 years we'll be looking at leaving this area so I have that long to talk him into a good move :) Sweden has been on my list but he shoots it down hahah

09/04/12 10:48:26PM @mons:
I love seeing the progress in your hair!! I rarely get compliments on mine, so when I do I'm a bit shocked and get all socially awkward.

09/04/12 11:33:57AM @sussi:

Yes, come to Sweden! And thank you for the love, stranger!

09/01/12 08:31:21PM @ixchel:

aww thanks for all the love guys <3

I do wonder a bit if she just meant the color, or the decorations (wraps & beads galore that day lol) or if she really mean the mess of hair :) I'm just saying she said hair so that's what she really meant!Taking the compliments where i can get em ;)

Can't wait for the day someone calls them dreads <3!!!!

@Jesus Freed My Soul!! - they do always seemed to be timed perfectly, makes me feel good in a rough patch

@Baba - I like to look at them, even when they aren't doing much, I liked looking at them even more right away in the morning or after going in the car because i get a little bit of the bedhead/windswept look & it makes them look a bit more messy than they really are haha. I do realize it's better to not WATCH all the subtle progress, but i like my subtle movements most the time. I should look less tho....

@Sussi - Interesting, I normally don't get much talk from strangers, i think i just look unapproachable most times. I LOVE your dreads, & i'm kind of a stranger...sorta...right? I want to come to Sweden!!!

09/01/12 10:26:20AM @sussi:

Here's one more who loves your hair!

I've never got a comment from a stranger regarding my hair, as a matter of fact I don't get comments at all unless I say something first. That's the swedish way I guess.

Baba Fats
08/31/12 01:02:22PM @baba-fats:

I love your hair too. And not looking in the mirror is doing you and them a huge favor

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