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falling in love with 207 baby dreadies <3

user image 2012-08-18
By: Ixchel
Posted in:

Last night i went through my head in the dark by touch & separated for my first time (6.5 months & my first time separating!!!) I counted about 207 baby dreadies (give or take, it was dark & hard to keep count & sort through so much hair! I have A LOT). I was worried about variation in sizes on them, I didn't mind them not being the same but i feared huge differences & wanted to keep them in a close range without caring about being exact. Well forget that.

As I felt through them all it was wonderful. Each one a different size, it's own shape, a special feel to it. Every next one so unique from the last. I could feel knots, though I can't see them yet, they are taking hold in there. How so very different they feel compared to how they look was just astonishing. I loved the experience & can't wait for the chance to have to separate & count them again :) I'm sure some will congo, most are pretty thin, some ridiculously thin. Going through them it was all "ooo this one is nice & thicker (more a normal size not actually a fatty)" & "omgosh this one is actually knotty feeling & tight" & "ahh i think this is the start of a flat loop!" So very exciting.

I love each & every one of my 207(ish) locks. They are all amazing in their own way. I love that i have knots that I can feel even if I can't see them yet. I can't wait for them to become visible to me.

This journey is amazing, baby steps & small victories for me <3

08/22/12 08:05:04AM @ixchel:

crazy exciting right? it's like i've caught another wind since i started my journey. it's all new, exciting & scary again. Stepping into new territory now or something lol;)

08/18/12 11:35:03PM @ixchel:

@Becsley thanks much! It makes me smile greatly as well :D

08/18/12 11:34:31PM @ixchel:

@Tied up in knots thank you! i actually think i may have found one real freak of a knot, he feels crazy enough to perhaps be caught on camera, we shall see! Loops coming soon.....

08/18/12 11:33:21PM @ixchel:

@ SE eww gross but that is so odd! crazy how her mind tricked her! My cousin used to eat army worms (i don't know what they are really called, some kind of caterpillarthings) they are the grossest thing to see I couldn't imagine having one in my mouth, eek eek EEK!

Becsley Q Penguinface
08/18/12 10:38:50PM @becsley-q-penguinface:

This post makes me smile :D Well done to you and congratulations! x

Tied up in knots
08/18/12 10:18:55PM @tied-up-in-knots:
Yes! Ive been waiting for this post! Congrats on the knots. cant wait to see loops!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/12 09:42:35PM @soaring-eagle:

when i was like..11 i guess my neighbours dad ti]old her grasshoppers taste just like m&m's and pretended to eat 1 as proof
she was about 11 too i gues and believed him and ever since everytime she saw 1 she ate it ..and because she believed it tasted like m&m's ever since then they actualy did taste that way to her,,weird huh

08/18/12 09:21:26PM @ixchel:

ya coat em in chocolate to make em smoother to swallow, like that pill on princess bride :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/12 09:10:09PM @soaring-eagle:

musta been hard to swallow

08/18/12 08:43:37PM @ixchel:

coccoons actually, i didn't want to feel em wiggling as they went down ;)

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