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happy half birthday dreadie babies <3

user image 2012-08-02
By: Ixchel
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Not really anything new to report. My sections are pretty defined, they are getting kinda wavy & i know they are knotting slightly but I don't have any loops or knots that a camera captures so nothing to show off & brag about yet. Soon. I love my hair. It's gotten frizzy & poofy & I really feel like it's a lions mane some days. The wavy underbits are lovely.

I'm having fun wrapping different sections adding some color & charms here & there. At the top of the wraps the roots get the start of a loop but all the ones that have had the wraps come off that baby loop disappears again. It'll come back. In time. I had a little girl ask me about my green wrap in the park (a 6 year old saying "why do you have that green thing in your hair?"). I figured it was easier to take the shortest simplest answer rather than explain the whole dreadlock thing (especially since they aren't looking near that at all) so I just told her I liked it, I think it's pretty. She thought that was an acceptable answer. I love how kids can just accept that, you like it, so you do it. Makes sense.

I've had a rough time lately & in one of my bad moments I lay on the bathroom floor & thought about brushing my hair out...I haven't a clue why the idea would pop into my head. My rough time has nothing to do with what my hair is doing, I'm absolutely loving my hair. Almost immediately after thinking it I thought "why bother", I never brushed my hair or "did" anything with it before anyway so what's the difference? At least I'm loving it now rather than bitching & hating it & throwing in a ponytail every single day that hurts my head. I'm in this for the long run. This is the only time in my life I've liked my hair, & I don't just like it I love it. Why would I abandon that? I wouldn't.

I feel looping & some good knotting is right around the corner. My sections are soooo good & the waves are going to pull up to loop shortly, my wraps are also helping I think. I get excited when I wake up and a section is sticking up. I want some good bed head ;) This may be a long journey but the wait is well worth it, & I'm enjoying the trip because the pathway is pretty. Sure I can't wait until there are loops or knots, or real dreads, but I love my hair being free & I love my red wavy dreadie babies <3

08/11/12 11:44:04AM @mamakittylove:

I'm so excited for you and I'm so glad you didn't go with the urge to comb your hair! I agree that your sections are getting awesome!!!! I wish everyone was like children in that sense as "I like it, it's pretty, so it is what it is"...that would be nice lol.

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